Mr. Martyn EELES

Candidate for the Supervisory Board

Martyn EELES
VP Sales

Contact details:
Cell: +36 70 621 4095   

Job experience

Present - Wanari

Head of Sales
Develop plans and strategies for developing business and achieving the company’s
sales goal. Manage the sales teams, operations and resources to deliver profitable
growth as well as manage the use of budgets. Defined optimal sales force structure.
Managed customer expectations and contributed to a high level of customer
satisfaction. Defined the sales processes that drive desired sales outcomes and
identify improvements where and when required. Put in place infrastructure and
systems to support the success of the sales function. Provided detailed and accurate
sales forecasting. Compile information and data related to customer and prospect
interactions. Monitored customer, market and competitor activity and provide
feedback to company leadership team and other company functions. Worked closely
with the marketing function to establish successful support, channel and partner
programs. Managed key customer relationships and participate in closing strategic
opportunities. Consults with International companies on the implementation of
blockchain technology.

Present - Wealth Advisor Ratings

Founded my own Fin-tech company. I manage all aspects of sales, marketing and HR. Built the website and ran several successful marketing campaigns, in which I grew the database from zero to 1500. Currently in talks with major financial institutions.

2016 - Bold Green Equity

Head of Global Sales and Equity

2014-2016 - Woodbrook Wealth Management, Partner - Hungary, China, Czech Republic

2014-2014 - Belgravia Wealth Management, Recruitment Partner - Hungary

2012-2014 - Devere Group, Business Development Executive Europe

2003-2007 - Royal Navy, Leading Steward

▪ An efficient time-manager with strong planning and organisational ability.
▪ A common sense approach to problem solving and the ability to meet objectives whilst maintaining high
▪ Excellent communications skills, enabling me to deal effectively with both colleagues and customers.
▪ Experience working in a demanding environment, requiring the ability to think quickly and successfully deal
with difficult situations.
▪ Able to demonstrate determination and the ability to work independently without direction or as part of a
successful team.
▪ Competent computer skills, with knowledge of Microsoft Office software and web design.

Why do you think membership in the American Chamber of Commerce is important for businesses operating in Hungary?

There are several factors I believe that membership in the American Chamber of Commerce is important for businesses operating in Hungary. One of the key factors is that chamber membership stimulates business to business commerce in the local community. Membership also offers numerous benefits and keeps business owners and executives on top of important, ever-changing issues and trends within the community. I also believe it increases your visibility in the community as well as been able to contribute to important matters such as governmental affairs.

What motivates you to be an AmCham Supervisory Board Member?

I want to help other businesses in any way possible, this can be through sales, marketing, finance and digitalization. I believe many businesses here in Hungary would benefit a lot more if there where to digitalize. I also believe been a supervisory board member I will have more credibility to business owners as well as been able to represent AmCham in anyway I can. I would like to start helping businesses do business with other members of the chamber.

Why do you feel you are qualified? What skills do you bring to the position of Board Member/Supervisory Board?

I believe I am qualified in several ways. I have consulted with major international companies on several topics such as digitalization, blockchain and software. I also listen more than I speak as I believe it is more important to listen to people, the more you listen you have a better chance at given the right advice. I also sit on 2 boards of small businesses one of them is my own company and the other is a highly successful designer company in Asia. I think the key factor that I can bring to the supervisory position is new ideas on how to get companies more active in the chamber. I have a passion of helping people and been a member of two policy task force groups helps me do that. I am always eager to participate in meetings, I am supportive of what other people believe but I also willing to express my view. I also believe I have great judgement and the AmCham motivates me to be a better professional.

How have you been active in AmCham over the course of the last two years?

I have been one of the most active members in the chamber in the past year. I have attended every event that has been held in English or has had English translation. I wish to be more involved and been a supervisory board member will allow me to be more active.