Ministry of Human Capacities reflects on AmCham’s recommendations

  • October 08, 2018
Official feedback was sent to AmCham by Minister Miklós Kásler from the Ministry of Human Capacities, which reflected on AmCham’s Competitive Workforce related recommendations in the ’Cooperation for a more competitive Hungary 2018’ recommendation package.

We are glad to highlight the Ministry’s opinion on the vocational contribution system, which would welcome the introduction of direct contribution to higher education institutions. Also there is feedback on the level of spending on education, STEM orientation, etc. The feedback shows that the Ministries priorities are in line with AmCham’s recommendations.

Since its publishing in January 2018, AmCham’s third recommendation package titled „Cooperation for a More Competitive Hungary 2018” has been discussed in detail with the Government at a number of meetings throughout the year. In September, as a preparation for the IV. Business Meets Government Summit, the AmCham leadership has visited and reinforced our cooperational commitment  with our key Government partners, including László György, State Secretary for Economic Development and Regulation, Gáborné Pölöskei, Deputy State Secretary for Vocational Training and Adult Education, and Ádám Szigeti, Deputy State Secretary for Innovation, at the Ministry for Innovation and Technology; Dr. Zoltán Birkner, President and Dr. István Szabó, Vice President at the National Research, Development and Innovation Office.

Parallel to meetings, AmCham has received numerous official feedback on its 16-point recommendaton package, in the form of letters and evaulation documents comparing the government strategies to AmCham suggesstions  in the field of innovation and education. The detailed response received from Minister of Human Capacities Miklós Kásler was one of these official feedbacks.