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1101 Budapest, Expo tér 5-7.

Teqball is responsible for developing an innovative sports product that is used for an emerging football-based sport, which professionals and amateurs, including people with disabilities, can play. The company was established in 2014 and is based in Budapest, Hungary, where the R&D center is located. There's around 200 Teqball employees, up from 38 last year, many of whom are under 30. The company's overriding aim is to create value through the power of sports. Teqball also launched a number of CSR campaigns around the world. The ultimate goal is for teqball, which is currently the world's fastest growing sport, to become an Olympic sport. There are 9 different sports that can be played on the multifunctional Teq table (teqball, teqis, qatch, teqpong, teqvoly and 4 para teqsports), without physical contact between the players. Teqball is also engaging the corporate world into teqsports with offering various cooperation and partnership possibilities (from discounted purchase of Teq tables, through placing the Teq tables to company sites 365days-free of charge to sponsorship opportunities etc.). Teqball is developing partnerships with those companies who are open to innovative solutions, also combining it with CSR and social & health preserving activities of employees.