Silveria Electronics Ltd.

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6000 Kecskemét, Wéber Ede utca 37.

The SILVERIA Electronics Ltd. is a company which provides electronic manufacturing services (EMS) as a subcontractor, as well as delivering orders for custom or serial production, situated in Kecskemét, Hungary.

Core activities:
•    Mounting electronic components into printed circuit boards (assembly of PCBs, SMT and THT), with a monthly capacity of 87 million components, in two shifts.
•    Conformal coating
•    Cable confectioning
•    Testing
•    Final assembly
•    and complex solutions involving one or more of the activities listed above.
Silveria Ltd. annual turnover in 2018: 8 M EUR.
Number of employees: 180.
Compliance: ISO9001-2015; ISO14001-2015.
To provide premium service on an ongoing basis, our company applies both the LEAN and KAIZEN systems and PDCA.