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7090 Tamasi, Petofi Sandor utca 12.

Winners’ Association was established to support children and their families in the battle with cancer through cultural and sports events.  We are the first Hungarian charity organiztaion which created an inclusive  sports event focusing on the integration of the children. The special point of our events are the participants: we invite healthy children to play sports with children that beat cancer and children with disabilities. (Cancer can have serious consequences like losing a body part.) This is a unique model: a.) children who already beat cancer; b.) children with disabilities (wheelchair, etc.) and c.) healthy children. With this model, our aim is to help the recovered children to reintegrate into the society. To integrate children can be done at any area of life. In sport competitions it is not a usual thing that children with diseases are involved into sport programs, usually they are separated from the healthy ones.  In this case involving disable, recovered and healthy children in the same sport event where they can learn how to cooperate is an innovative idea in Hungary.