Cpl Integrated Services

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1062 Budapest Teréz körút 55/A

Established in 2011, CPL Integrated Services Hungary specializes in IT and Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO) solutions to customers worldwide. CPL Integrated Services in Hungary, Ireland, Tunisia and Netherlands provide multinational companies with IT support, customer service, order processing, sales, lead generation, claims management and back office administration services.
Organizations come to us because they know we will take on board their commitments, meeting the demands of their end users, minimizing risks and controlling costs, while at the same time leveraging technology innovations. CPL Integrated Services enables companies to adapt to changing business conditions through flexible workforce models. We recognize the fact that increased global competition means that firms need to continuously improve and strive for workforce innovation while simultaneously lowering cost to remain competitive. 
Over the past 7 years we have we developed strong strategic partnerships in Hungary to provide service desk and end user support to a wide range of corporate customers. Today CPL Integrated Services employs over 700 people in 3 locations across Hungary.