Continental Group

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1054 Budapest Kálmán Imre utca 21.

ContinentalGroup is a Hungarian-owned hotel management company, a definitive force within tlre local tourism profession. lts owners have a passion for their profession and have spent many years working together as friends and family. Their objective is to offer quality hotel and restaurant services, creating a Premium product. They believe they can only be among the best by working with the best team. Their work is marked by constant innovation, revitalization and putting their heads together. The company has plenty of major hotel management achievements they can be proud of over the last 10 years. lt was the first to open a boutique hotel in Budapest by launching Hotel Parlament, then opening Hotel Palazzo Zichy in 2009 using the experience gained in the first project. The company's third hotel, the Hote! Moments Budapest has opened in March 2016 with its cozy restaurant the Bistro Fine located on Andrássy Avenue, just a few steps from the Opera House and the St. Stephen's Basilica.