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1083 Budapest, Bókay János street 44-46., 8th floor, C5 building

Affidea Diagnosztika Kft. (formerly known as Diagnoscan or Euromedic Diagnosztika) founded its first diagnostic imaging centre, at that time still under the name of International Medical Centre (IMC) at the location of the previous MÁV Hospital in Budapest. The objective of the owners was to make the most cutting edge diagnostic imaging examinations available for patients thus helping to diagnose various diseases and follow-up the efficiency of treatments. Affidea Diagnosztika currently operates 11 diagnostics centers throughout the entire country. In close cooperation with the hospitals, radiological and isotope diagnostics operate in Budapest in the Medical Centre, Hungarian Defence Forces, one in the Nyírő Gyula Hospital, Szent Margit Hospital, one in the Péterfy Sándor Hospital and Accident Centre and fully private centers in Mammut Shopping Mall, in Bank Center, at Megyeri road center and the newest one at Vaci greens Egeszségközpont . Further centers can be found in the provincial towns, Szeged, Győr. The company once launching its activity in Hungary is rowing on international waters today, Affidea Diagnosztika has grown into an international holding, member of Affidea. The holding operates 228 diagnostics, laboratory and complex oncotherapy centres in 16 European countries which made it Europe’s number one private medical provider in this field. Affidea is a Netherlands-based holding company, a medical investment and operation company operating in the frame of the cooperation between the private and public sector (PPP). The company employs over 6.000 medical specialists and provides the highest-level diagnostic, clinical laboratories and cancer therapy services. The privately owned 228 medical centers are operated in 16 European countries, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Turkey, Czech Republic, Ireland, Northern-Ireland, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Serbia. The activity of Affidea is divided into three divisions: diagnostic imaging centers, cancer treatment centers – with their outstanding services in tumour treatment – and the Labs operating laboratories of high quality standards. These centers operate strictly in accordance with the provisions of the fully accepted ISO 9001 standards.