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You have two strong pairs in your hand, and your only opponent just made a big raise. Does she really have a winning hand or is she just bluffing?
You need the contract to increase cash flow and expand the company. You know that you have the best solution. Your competition is competing with very aggressive pricing. Do you trust your expertise or go even lower in price?
Decisions, decisions! How do you decide when information is limited, or when the decision is between multiple solutions?

Passion is a fragile thing.  
It changes focus often, and the results aren’t always what we expect. 
We focus on those passions, which we have held for a long time, motivate us, and are enduring.
We play poker to make better decisions. We watch, analyze, and talk things over. We strive to understand people, the environment, and most importantly emotions.
We quit smoking to understand what causes people to change, and why it’s so difficult. 
We seek out and meet strangers to become savvy in the methods of attraction and charisma and to validate the legitimacy of trust.
We research and practice how we can best transfer our passions over to you.
We are Actionlab, and we turn managers into leaders, make salespeople the ones that are remembered and liked, help negotiators get the best deal possible, and show you how you can make better decisions.
We are Actionlab, a consulting company specializing in soft skill education. More importantly, we guide our clients through a self-awareness process to better understand their own attitudes and values. We develop their untapped potential
Call us and let us tell you about our passions.