CEO of Bridgestone Tatabánya Manufacturing Ltd.
Vice President of Bridgestone EMEA

Contact details:
Cell: +36 20 779-5340 
E-mail: melinda.topolcsik (at)

A seasoned and proven leader in building and running global businesses in Hungary for multinational companies
• President, Managing Director • Operations, P&L, HR management
• International Business • Customer Relations management
• Tax & Legal compliance • Degree in Economics and Law
• 6-Sigma Green Belt

2017-Present President & Managing Director for Bridgestone Tatabanya
Responsible for the operations of the largest Bridgestone plant in Europe, with 1,100 employees and turnover of >EUR 200M.
• Doubled throughput within 2 years while achieving first ever 3 OEM approvals
• Best Employer Award in region, Family Friendly Workplace, high focus on community engagement
• Best Safety Results in EMEA, Golden Leaf Award for Environmental Activities

2012-2016 Plant Manager & MD Alcoa Eger (previously General Manager Firth Rixon)
Full P&L responsibility for a business unit of Alcoa. Directed through functional heads Finance, Sales, IT, Engineering, Operations, Supply chain, HR, for a total >150 individuals

2010-2012 General Manager & Managing Director, AFT Europe (Rétság)
Full P&L responsibility for a facility of Precision Castparts Corp. ($8 billion US corp)

2009 Plant/Operations Manager
2007-2008 Director of Finance, Sales and HR
2004-2007 Finance Manager
2002-2004 Controller

2000-2002 Finance Specialist, Lufthansa Technik Budapest Ltd. (Budapest)

1999-2000 Junior Controller, CIBA Vision (Novartis) Ltd. (Budapest)


• 2017 Member of Board for NMK
• 2009-2010 CMA Cranfield University School of Management
• 1998-2001 University of Pecs, Masters degree in Law
• 1999-2000 Case Western University
• 1995-2000 University of Pecs Business School, Masters in Economics

Why do you think membership in the American Chamber of Commerce is important for businesses operating in Hungary?

I firmly believe that Unity is strength! In my view the AmCham membership is important for our operations because:

• AmCham represents strength: US companies are the largest investors and employers in Hungary with diverse needs and interests. Regardless of our individual footprint and business needs, jointly we can represent our interests more effectively.
• AmCham is about dialogue: though the organisation our members are able to maintain a more effective dialogue with our stakeholders to make our voice heard regarding upcoming decisions and changes in legislation.
• AmCham is about collaboration: though the organisation our members are able to cooperate with key stakeholders, especially with the Government towards creating and maintaining a good investment climate in Hungary.
• AmCham protects: though the organisation our members are can take a stronger stand on economic policy issues, initiate the creation, change or termination of laws to ensure increasing the value of our investments.

What motivates you to be an AmCham Board Member/Supervisory Board Member?

I have two main motivations to become AmCham Board Member. These are the following:
• Sharing our expertise: Large companies, especially the ones in the automotive industry are more exposed to changes in the economy, employment, professional education and the legislation environment. As a CEO of a 1.200+ employee car tyre manufacturing company, investing close to 400 million Euro in Hungary so far, I aim to bring our deep understanding of the needs of industry players and foreign investors and to share this with members of the Chamber to profit from and identify the best ways to progress.
• Giving back to serve: Representing the interest of a larger community (should that be a business or social community or the community of employees) is deeply coded into the DNA of our company. Bridgestone has been benefitting a lot from being a member of AmCham but now it is our turn. We aim to give something back to this community.

Why do you feel you are qualified? What skills do you bring to the position of Board Member/Supervisory Board?

What always took me forward in my career is that I think I am never qualified enough but I am humble and eager to learn! 

Regarding the skills I will do my very best to bring the following to the Board:
• Clear vision: As a leader of global businesses, I think I am able to bring clear vision to organisations, which is essential to reach our goals.
• Ability to synthetize to create: During my career and working with members of various nationalities and cultures, I have developed my ability to synthetise different views and approaches to jointly create something more progressive and more innovative.
• Ability to motivate, inspire and collaborate: No organisation is able to grow and foster without its members being motivated. I am able to inspire people and create the right environment for effective, self-sustaining collaboration.

How have you been active in AmCham over the course of the last two years?

Over the past two years I have:
• Attended meetings and events: Via these events I got to know the most important issues and challenges which our organisation is facing.
• Made connections: I build several ties and connections with existing and new AmCham members therefore I know their needs and expectations.

After my “observation status” now
I am ready and intend to serve and to inspire the AmCham community.