Joerg Bauer

Name: Joerg BAUER

Company: Tungsram Group

Position: President & CEO

AmCham Membership Category: Patron



Owner, President & CEO of TUNGSRAM GROUP, a company resulting from the purchase of the GE Lighting business in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, RCIS and Turkey, as well as itsGlobal Automotive businessin 2018. Tungsram Group is a multinational company withsoon 125years heritage of innovation, headquartered in Hungary, where most of the 3,500 employees in five factories, its innovation center are located

Previously Joerg had been President of GE Hungary, with more than 10,000 employees in 12 plants, 4 R&D and engineering centers and one of GE’s five Global Operations Centers.

Prior to this role he was the CFO for GE Healthcare in CEE.

Earlier experience includes international Finance and Management assignments with Audi and Mettler-Toledo.


Holds a double master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Cologneand in International Management (CEMS MiM) from Cologne and Corvinus, Budapest;

He was one-year visiting student at Oxford University.


  • Part of IndustryWired’s Top 10 Successful Business Leaders to Follow in 2020
  • Hungary’s “Person of the Year 2019” by the business magazine Figyelő
  • Blue Innovation Special Award at the Manager of the Year Gala by Menedzserszövetség
  • Expat CEO Hungary of the Year (2017)
  • Dr. Iván Völgyes Award presented by the American Chamber of Commerce
  • Knight of Cross from the Order of Merit of Hungary



  • Faculty member as Corporate Champion delegate of the “Catalyst Europe powered by MIT Linq Catalyst” startup program
  • President of the Board of Trustees of the Sports University in Budapest
  • Former Co-leader of the Innovation Task Force of AmCham Hungary
  • One of the two vice presidents of the Hungarian Association of International Companies
  • Member of the corporate advisory board at Corvinus University of Budapest Business School
  • Master Teacher at the University of Debrecen focusing on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Joerg is married and together with his wife Krisztina raises three teenage boys

Why do you think membership in the American Chamber of Commerce is important for businesses operating in Hungary?

Joerg Bauer: AmCham has from its inception 30 years ago strived to be a team open for all stakeholders of Hungary, united by the goal of improving Hungary’s competitiveness. For those companies or individuals that aim to contribute to this common vision, AmCham is a great place to work voluntarily with other senior managers, experts and representatives of public or academia. AmCham’s reputation as an impartial partner assures a high likelihood that its (members’) suggestion will be listened to – and often implemented. At the same time, AmCham often received upfront, valuable information that it shares with its members – a benefit that in times of COVID19 became very tangible.

What motivates you to be an AmCham President?

JB: I have been active in different ways with AmCham for around 10 years. We live in turbulent times that for me mark the end of one economic and societal phase and the beginning of something new – albeit its form and shape still blurred. At the cross-roads I consider taking personal responsibility even more important than ever.

I strongly believe that the next two years are decisive for the future of Hungary: Embracing the opportunities of in our lifetime unseen and unforeseeable challenges caused by the COVID19, global trends accelerated by the pandemics coupled with changed consumer behaviour, climate change, population growth, depleted global resources could put Hungary on a sustainable path of growth with impact beyond its size. Large inflow of national and EU funds offers a unique chance to not only cope with COVID-19 but bring Hungary to the next level towards a knowledge-based economy. AmCham, as a trusted and honest partner, has its role contributing to defining the future of our country.

Why do you feel you are qualified? What skills do you bring to the position of President?

JB: For the last close to 30 years I have lived, studied and worked outside of my home country Germany – more than 16 years of this in Hungary. During that period, I have worked in large co-operations like Audi and GE, first experienced and lately as master teacher also contribute to education in multiple countries, together with my wife raised (and still raise) children – and finally bought a company that we are transforming for the future. Working with public stakeholders, with media and governments all over the world has been part of my job for the last 20 years - in different industries like Automotive, Healthcare, Shared Services, Manufacturing or Tech, in different roles in Finance, IT and General Management. In my last GE role, but even more today, I consider myself an industrial ambassador of Hungary.

How have you been active in AmCham over the course of the last two years?

JB: Until mid-last year, together with Csaba Márkus, I was co-lead of the Innovation Task Force and as such very actively involved in AmCham, more recently I remain an active contributor to AmCham’s cause.