Beck Ildikó

Name: Ildikó BECK, PhD

Company: Beck to Nature

Position: Co-Founder & Owner

AmCham Membership Category: Business



Beck to Nature - Entrepreneur/Owner (2010-Present)

Exporting and wholesaling natural goods to the USA market. Project manager, marketing and sales consultant for Hungarian medical device companies to enter the USA market.

Budapest Metropolitan University - Head of METU Jump IT Boot Camp (2017-2018)

Launched and managed METU’s brand new and independent IT educational business for career changers to address the needs of programmers’ resource shortage.

Telenor - Hipersuli Development Manager (2016)

Led the Digital Educational Program focusing on the digitalization of elementary school education and representing Telenor on NGO and Governmental forums.

GE - Program Manager (2004-2009; USA)

Led global cross-functional quality and safety improvement engineering projects for installed MRi systems and as a Lead Design Engineer managed Risk Assessment activities as part of new product launch.


PhD in Chemical Engineering (Material Sciences) - Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary (2007)


  • Personal Trainer and Half-Marathoner
  • HU and US Citizen
  • Mother of two children (11 and 13 yrs)


Why do you think membership in the American Chamber of Commerce is important for businesses operating in Hungary?

Ildikó Beck: AmCham membership brings credibility to the business, it’s a badge of caring. By joining AmCham’s politically-free platform, a company takes a meaningful step toward community involvement. AmCham is an excellent platform to share business practices among its members and by utilizing its well-established relationships with strategic partners, businesses may increase their visibility in the marketplace, promote the industry-specific interests of AmCham members and provide recommendations to the government.

What motivates you to be an AmCham Second Vice President?

IB: Now is the time to act. But acting alone lacks the impact that acting in concert with a reputable organization has. AmCham is that organization through which my ideas and energy can make an impact. The Hungarian economy needs resilient players. Those resilient players collectively provide market stability. The time has come to act on behalf of all the players, big and small. I want to act with AmCham to focus our experience on helping business economy-wide. The daily uncertainties around us have become the rule and not the exception. AmCham will lead the way by stitching the collective expertise into usable guidance to forge in new path for new times.

Why do you feel you are qualified? What skills do you bring to the position of Second Vice President?

IB: Being an AmCham Board Member is a valuable and highly volunteer position. I have worked at multinational companies in Hungary, as well as in the US. As a result, I received insight into their way of working and maintaining emotional resilience. That insight is useful in challenging times as we have now. I have also been an entrepreneur for 15 years. I’ve learned to adapt quickly as a means of survival.In the past few years, I have become more of an intrapreneur, building new divisions within the organizations I joined.I will apply that experience to working with a diverse group of people to achieve difficult goals. Diversity harnessed well will enhance the value of our work.

How have you been active in AmCham over the course of the last two years?

IB: I have been an AmCham member with my own company for six years and Board Member for the past two years.I have actively participatedin Board meetings, closed-door discussions, led Leadership Masterclass educational meeting and contributed to the strategic planning session as we prepared our new policy agenda. I am also a passionate advocate for the Career orientation program. I spoke on behalf of AmCham at numerous school events around Hungary.Based on an extensive research within AmCham’s current SME members I identified and presented a path to the Board to supporting them even more.