Help the victims of the Albanian earthquake!

  • December 02, 2019
We encourage the entire AmCham community to join forces and help the affected recover from their loss.


Dear AmCham Members,


We would like to draw your attention to the message of AmCham Albania regarding Tuesday's deadly earthquake, and we encourage you to join their efforts to provide relief to families in the affected areas.

“The difficult situation we find ourselves in in the last few days, where the destructive impact of the earthquake resulted in the loss of life and property, has been the center of attention for us as a community. As a vital part of it, AmCham Albania is committed to be part of the solution and relief efforts by joining forces with its members. Today, I am sending this email to you, as sister European AmChams, in hopes you share our fundraising communication with your audiences. Contributions can be made using the following GoFundMe page HERE.”
 - Ilir Trimi, Executive Director, AmCham Albania