Farewell to Former AmCham Board member and MOL CEO György Mosonyi

  • June 12, 2018
  • Péter Fáth
It is always difficult to overcome your feelings if someone passes away, but it is even tougher if you lose a friend. This is the case now, since I and we at AmCham had the privilege to call György a friend.

He joined AmCham when he worked for Shell Hungary between 1994 and 1999. He was the chairman and CEO of Shell Hungary Rt. and during his tenure, he was appointed chairman of Shell’s Central and Eastern European Region.

After his joining to AmCham, we immediately felt that one of the most charismatic leaders joined our organization. Obviously, he was quite busy with his job, but he was a person who was able to create a healthy balance between job, family and public work.

Everybody at AmCham was happy when he became the CEO of MOL in 1999. At that time MOL was a large Hungarian company but it had emerged to be a true multinational player under his tenure as CEO until 2011. During this 12 years MOL became not only one of the largest, but one of the best companies in Hungary and the region. The strategy was re-thought, and maybe all processes of MOL were changed in order to achieve this leading position.

We can only imagine what it means to lead such a huge company as MOL. Despite this extraordinary task, György found time to be an active member of the Hungarian business society and was willing to help us at AmCham and compete (!) for a board membership position.

You all know we have a real election, with campaign speeches and it was a real pleasure to see such a leader among the candidates. He said to me before the election “I am a bit nervous and excited…”. It is needless to say he was elected with overwhelming majority in 2oo1 and in 2oo3 too, serving4 years total as an AmCham Board member.

Despite his busy schedule he truly participated in AmCham’s life and contributed a lot to our successes. He not only arrived punctually to all Board meeting, but we all enjoyed and learned a lot from his leadership skills. Those who served together with György at AmCham at that time know well how much he helped us!

Even after his Board membership expired, his door was always open to me and AmCham. Not only through MOL’s support, and sponsorships, but through personal advices he gave me in leadership and in public relations.

As a president of the Joint Venture Association, he was one the main supporters and initiators of the Proclamation which was published for the Hungarian elections in 2oo6. At AmCham’s proposal, the Proclamation by the 14 largest business associations advocated for a joint, three-partied effort for a better Hungary.     

In 2o11, he stepped down from the CEO position of MOL and became the chairman of the Supervisory Board. It was not much less responsibility. “…He served in this position until his death.” – says the official MOL statement.

And this death came too early. He was only 69.

I had the fortune to know him a bit closer than others. We worked together with György and his wife Ágnes for the success of the International Children’s Safety Service (Nemzetközi Gyermekmentő Szolgálat) and helped many less fortunate children get better education or medical care.  We met sometimes on the tennis court and discovered some remote corners of the World together. When we were together I realized that György in every situation is an honest, straightforward, real human who is full of helpfulness. Due to his extremely busy schedule, it was not easy to get an appointment from him. But those who got this opportunity can tell he gave the most someone can possibly give: his time and undivided attention.

We were all lucky to know him. Someone once said, “with 20 leaders such as György Mosonyi this country could be turned into a much more advanced one”.

Unfortunately, we will never have twenty of such person. We do not even have one any more.

With great sadness I can only say: God bless you Gyuri!

Rest in peace!

Péter Fáth

CEO of AmCham (1990-2008)

György Mosonyi