Ford Announces Expansion of the Regional European Business Service Centre in Budapest

  • September 17, 2018
BUDAPEST, Sept. 14, 2018 – Hungary’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó and Ford Regional Director Viktor Molnár today opened Ford Motor Company’s newest Business Service Center in the Váci Greens office building, Budapest.

With this new location, Ford now has 3 office buildings in Hungary – two in Budapest and one in Szentendre – already accommodating more than 500 highly qualified young Hungarian graduate engineers and economists working across a wide range of areas.

As part of the new Business Service Center Ford is also opening its new Regional HR Service Center in Budapest, as a part of a broader redesign of how HR Services are delivered across the entire Ford business, with similar centers opening in India and Mexico.

“Today marks the next step in a process that began five years ago. Since then, we have brought an increasing number of European and global functions to Hungary in recognition of the performance and expertise of the multi‑lingual, highly educated and motivated Hungarian employees,” said Viktor Molnár Regional Director of Ford.

The extended Regional Business Center in Budapest will help Ford to implement its strategy to reorganize European operations in order to improve business efficiency. Several financial, production planning, product management, controlling, after sales and HR functions covering Ford’s European markets have been transferred to the Hungarian center, along with global functions that serve 41 markets. The numerous European and global functions operating in Hungary will offer an excellent opportunity for young Hungarian talents to test their skills and abilities as members of a global team, in various roles.

Ford now becomes the biggest US based automotive employer in the country, with employee numbers expected to rise to 600 this year and to 700 in 2019. The company also supports a continuously expanding supplier network in Hungary, currently consisting of 40 companies and 69,000 employees, manufacturing and supplying parts for Ford production facilities, with a total revenue of 580 billion HUF (2,27 billion USD) in 2017 (1.7% of Hungarian GDP).

Ford has been the market leader in vehicle sales in Hungary since 2010, with a strong market share in passenger car segment with 10% and more than 22% share of the commercial vehicle market.