February 24 Talent Policy Task Force Meeting

  • March 03, 2016
Talent PTF Members welcomed Ádám Merényi from Microsoft Hungary and Dr János Szilágyi from the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and discussed the latest news and trends in education.

On 24 February Talent Policy Task Force held its regular meeting, where two experts were invited – from different segments of the same theme: education. After the welcoming words by Mr László Szépkúti, co-chair of Talent PTF, Ádám Merényi educational business unit leader from Microsoft gave an inspiring presentation on Microsoft Hungary’s efforts, projects and experiences in assisting Hungarian digital education, a key factor for improving competitiveness of public education. Mr Merényi also talked about the National Education Portal ‘Okosportál’, which was developed by Microsoft in cooperation with OFI and was launched in October 2015, targeting teachers, students and parents with digital educational materials.

After a short summary by László Szépkuti about AmCham’s official meeting with deputy state secretary László Odrobina from the Ministry of National Economy, the evening continued with a presentation on the latest news about dual vocational training by Dr János Szilágyi. In his presentation Dr Szilágyi, educational and training director from the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry talked about the Chamber’s role in the dual vocational training system. He also highlighted how companies can join the training programme and why is it beneficial for them to do so. Both of the presentations were followed by a Q&A session.