Members decided to change the group's name to Workspace and Facilities Management Committee to better reflect the growing range of activities at a meeting hosted by Ericsson on April 2.

The goals of the WFM committee are to:

  • provide a platform for regular professional input and oversight on facilities related matters as well as office industrial trends in general, including workforce related topics;
  • encourage the exchange of opinnions, experiences and best practices of AmCham member companies;
  • continue the practice of holding our quarterly meetings in different venues which provides a wider insight into the operation of many different companies;
  • maintain a quick reaction communication system to help generate an immediate response to any significant WFM related practical issues;
  • hold an open committee meeting which helps to promote our activities outside of AmCham.

To learn more about the activities of the committee, please check out page 52 of our Annual Report. If you want to know more about the committee's work or want to join the group, please contact committee coordinator József Gál.


József GÁL

József GÁL

Project Manager

+36 1 428-2080