Innovation PTF Members welcomed dr. Antal Nikodémus from the Ministry for National Economy and dr. Ferenc Friedler from the National Research, Innovation and Development Office and discussed the innovation related parts of AmCham’s 19 point recommendation package.

On 14 July, the Innovation Policy Task Force held an extraordinary meeting where members discussed the most up-to-date issues of innovation and R&D together with two, high-level government representatives, dr. Nikodémus and Dr. Friedler. After the welcoming words by Mr Csaba Márkus, co-chair of Innovation PTF, members had the opportunity to discuss a selection of priority issues & recommendations raised at the recent AmCham-Brain Bar workshop. At the second half of the meeting, participants together with the invited guests reviewed some innovation related items of AmCham’s 19 point recommendation package that was sent to the Government in February 2016. As stated in the 19 Points Recommendation AmCham supports a coordinated Government approach to stimulate increased corporate R&D spending and R&D&I-related investments. Participants agreed that special attention is to be paid, among others, to attract more R&D investment to Hungary, as well as to create a more profound cooperation between industry and academia.