Electronic Manufacturers’ Committee online meeting with Sanjay Huprikar, Vice President and Head of Global Solutions for IPC

  • March 24, 2020
Mr. Sanjay Huprikar, the Executive Vice President and Head of Global Solutions for IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries, contacted AmCham and asked for a meeting with the members of Electronic Manufacturers’ Committee during his planned visit to Europe from the USA. Due to the travel restriction amid the COVID-19 outbreak, the meeting was held online.

Even if the meeting was not face-to-face, an open discussion about the challenges of the electronics manufacturing workforce was still beneficial.

On the AmCham side, László Ábrahám, Committee Chair, NI, opened and led the conversation. The discussion was started with a brief IPC presentation and an education/training/certification overview by Mr. Huprikar.

Mr. Huprikar noted that there are presently 23 facilities in Hungary who are IPC members.

He said, “We are a 62 year old global, nonprofit industry association based in Chicago representing 3,000 companies worldwide who are involved in the design, manufacturing, test, application and materials science of Printed Circuit Boards, Printed Circuit Board Assemblies, Cabling and Wire Harness Assemblies – these are some of the building blocks in all electronic devices."

"We develop manufacturing standards, deliver educational, certification programs, and advocate on behalf of our membership. Our core vision is to help the world build electronics better" - he added

"To realize that vision, we believe fundamentally that current and future workers in the electronics industry need to have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to be optimally successful" - he continued - "But as we think about future workforce and workforce development, we are envisioning and developing new certificate programs that focus much more about the actual training an operator needs to be successful on the production line – basics about electronics, soldering, inspection, handling, equipment, etc…  Our purpose is to get feedback on this approach."

To learn more about the work of IPC, plase visit ipc.org