AmCham position - sectoral rules relating to the EU data protection reform

  • November 14, 2018
In early October, upon the request of the Ministry of Justice, the Regulatory Committee in cooperation with the Hungarian Competition Law Association has compiled and sent a set of recommendations to the draft Hungarian legislation aiming at the review of sectoral rules relating to the EU data protection reform.

AmCham’s position focused on topics that are the most relevant for the membership, namely direct marketing, workplace privacy, whistleblowing,  health data and consent, pharmacovigilance, telecommunication privacy and energy laws, among others.

To support the sound implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Hungary, AmCham actively participated in the Government’s legislative consultation process and it sent in January a detailed set of recommended modifications to the Ministry of Justice, that had been also channelled to the other Ministries in charge of the sector specific data privacy legislation, and to the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information. In February, the Committee’s GDPR topic leads participated in a series of inter-ministerial expert level meetings to discuss possible consistency issues between Hungarian sectoral data privacy laws and the GDPR and to present AmCham’s relevant recommendations to the Ministry representatives. Some of those recommendations presented at the personal meetings are reiterated and incorporated into this new AmCham position.