Daniel Ricciardo visits ExxonMobil employees ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix

  • July 28, 2017
Daniel Ricciardo visits ExxonMobil employees ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix
  • F1 racer tells audience that Hungary 2014 was the favorite race win of his career so far
  • Developments made by ExxonMobil to the fuels and lubricants supplied to Red Bull Racing throughout the season are giving the team greater levels of performance, with more to come.
  • Ricciardo says that the Hungarian Grand Prix is one of his favorites of the season, and describes Budapest as a “cool city”.

Just before the 32nd Hungarian Grand Prix, the Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo visited ExxonMobil Budapest office where he participated at a lively motivational discussion, answered questions from the audience and showed his racing skills by taking on some laps around the Hungaroring on an F1 simulator.  

ExxonMobil is one of the key sponsors of Red Bull Racing team, the Formula 1 cars are using Esso Synergy race fuel, Mobil 1 motor oil, and gear oil, which is produced by ExxonMobil. As stated by Daniel, these products ensure cleaner, more responsive engine and the feeling of more engine power.

The Hungarian ExxonMobil Business Support Center was founded 13 years ago in Budapest and currently employs 1400 people. Riccardo arrived to the center directly from Nice, along with representatives of the Red Bull Racing Team. He shared various interesting stories and facts with the audience. We got to know that his favorite section on Hungaroring is located between curves 4-11, which is “very physical”.  Before the races he listens to music which helps him to concentrate. If he was a superhero he would like to have the power of time travel and teleportation in order to not to spend so much time with travelling.

Hungary has been a lucky location for Daniel: from 2013 he always managed to be in the first three positions, in 2014 he won the Hungarian Grand Prix, which he called the biggest victory in his career.  He also explained that nice sunny weather would help him and the car to achieve a better result. Looking forward to seeing Daniel racing and hopefully winning again in Budapest.