To join one or more Committees please download the PTF & Committee Sheet

The goal of Committees is to provide members with an opportunity to actively and directly participate in defining, developing, discussing and resolving issues of common interest impacting the operations of their respective businesses and organizations and the global competitiveness of Hungary, as well as to support the Mission Statement of AmCham and decisions taken by the Board of Governors.

As of 2016, AmCham has the following structure for working teams: Policy Task Forces (their activity is detailed here)Committees, Ad Hoc Working Groups



Committees are established to foster and address issues that are important to the global competitiveness of the country. Committees develop action plans for managing specific projects with tangible deliverables. Action plans are reviewed and endorsed by the Board. Committee Chairs lead the team of volunteers working on implementing the Committee’s action plan. Committees provide professional support to AmCham’s endeavours such as publications, conferences and forums and, depending on the issue, are entitled to represent the chamber vis-à-vis the government, legislation and other stakeholders.

AmCham, in line with its Mission Statement, has the following Committees:

Ad Hoc Working Groups

Any AmCham Member in good standing (i.e. membership dues paid in full) can request that the Board create an Ad Hoc Working Group to address issues common to several AmCham Members. The Board will review these initiatives and will determine the need for the proposed Ad Hoc Working Group on the basis of Member interest and alignment with the strategic goals and Mission Statement. Ad Hoc Working Groups will be established whenever combined efforts of several fields of expertise are necessary to address an emerging issue. Ad Hoc Working Groups will be set up for one specific assignment, with clearly defined agenda, objectives and timeframe. The Board will appoint the Leader of the Ad Hoc Working Group who will be supported, as the case might necessitate, by the Staff and Committees.

AmCham working teams (Committees and Ad Hoc Working Groups) is open to all AmCham Members in good standing.

The AmCham Staff will maintain an up to date electronic database of all Members who desire to be active in a particular working team.