Mission of the Committee:

  • Increase the AmCham membership by targeting quality companies - with an emphasis on companies with a clear interest in the United States
  • Work for the retention of members
  • Assist the Board and AmCham committees in all areas related to membership with a view of extending the scope of our services and providing value for an increasing range of businesses
  • To enhance the attractiveness of AmCham membership by effectively communicating and representing its PTFs, to showcase the content of these PTFs and the significance of the AmCham network.
  • To enrich the valuable AmCham membership portfolio by strengthening its presence and driving power concerning foreign direct investments and innovation.
  • To assist the board and AmCham committees in all areas related to membership with a view to extending the scope and quality of our innovative services and providing value for an increasing range of businesses.

Goals for 2016:

  • To host another successful “Insight” where members can be given a full and up-to-date status of our mission and the result of the PTFs’ work.
  • To introduce a “Join our Forces” mini series of events where members or targeted members can elaborate the content of PTFs.
  • To maintain and contribute to an up-to-date list of potential member companies.

Overview of the Committee’s projects and activities:
In June 2015 we organized an INSIGHT event for the whole membership to launch our new “Policy Agenda,” our roadmap for our advocacy efforts and all related activities and projects in 2015-2017. It is a manifestation of our commitment to reach our common goal and vision: “To achieve a ten-spot World Competitiveness Ranking improvement in ten years for Hungary with CEE.”

We invited not only our members, but also the representatives of companies who might be interested in our activities and who could enrich our powerful membership base should they decide to join. Besides providing details of the professional objectives and commitment of the newly formed policy task forces, the event proved to be an excellent networking opportunity.

As feedback received from participants was very positive, we have decided to continue organizing this event each year to provide a platform to inform our members about what we do, the progress we have made and, most importantly, to provide an opportunity for direct input, questions and feedback. Organizing the INSIGHT event during May- June and the AGA in December provides an opportunity for regular personal engagement with our members.

*To read the Annual Reports of the previous years, please click here.
*For more details on our upcoming projects and events for 2016 please contact the committee chair or the coordinator.


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