Healthy Nation

  2015 - JANUARY 2017

At the annual AmCham Policy Agenda Strategic Discussion the AmCham leadership decided to consolidate two highly interrelated PTFs – Talent and Healthy Nation – by creating the NEW COMPETITIVE WORKFORCE PTF. This new professional group will work with the membership in order to widen the labor market supply in Hungary and to promote mental and physical health awareness programs, among others.

The other focus area of the Healthy Nation PTF, namely challenges and opportunities of the Health Industry will be discussed under the Investment Policy Task Force, as are all other sector specific issues, such as Electronic Manufacturers or SSCs.


" To increase awareness of collaborative opportunities between the government and AmCham to increase the responsibility of citizens and companies to keep and/or improve the mental and physical health of the Hungarian population. "


Health is a desired status for both individual members and for the whole society; it is the basis for everybody to enjoy life, and achieve personal or community goals. It is a wish and goal for each government to have healthy and productive nation and workforce, which increases the country prosperity, GDP and competitiveness. By April 2015, AmCham Hungary has defined its vision, new strategy and new way of work, according to which four Policy Task Forces were established to dedicate focus and resources to the selected four key areas: one of them is the Healthy Nation Policy Task Force.


The Healthy Nation Policy Task Force has defined its objectives in relation to four key areas for the period of 2015-2017:

  • Promoting active health management creates a Healthy Nation and may increase healthy life expectancy
  • A Healthy Nation with a healthy workforce increases the economy’s assets
  • A Healthy Nation requires efficient healthcare and effective use of resources
  • A prerequisite of a Healthy Nation is sufficient financial means to implement public health policies

Main Achievements

Fireside Chat with Ambassador Colleen Bell

On September 8th 2016, AmCham Hungary organized a “Fireside Chat” with Her Excellency Colleen Bell, U.S. Ambassador to Hungary, which was the third occasion of a high-level, exclusive but also informal industry-specific meeting series. At the event, CEOs of AmCham member companies of the healthcare sector had the opportunity to meet with Ambassador Bell and to present their business perspective in Hungary. After introducing their companies’ activities, participants had a fruitful and informal discussion with Ambassador Bell about the importance of this industry and current issues in the Hungarian healthcare sector. More than 15 companies were present at the meeting representing various segments of the healthcare industry. AmCham’s Healthy Nation policy agenda was also introduced at the event by PTF leads Judit Zolnay and Csaba Szokodi.

Dialogue with the Ministry for National Economy

The Ministry for National Economy and AmCham established a Strategic Working Group to ensure more progressive and structured consultation between the two organizations. István Lepsényi, Secretary of State for Economic Regulation and other Ministry representatives met the AmCham delegation on April 29. The meeting concluded with a sector-specific discussion, where the Ministry introduced its agenda in the healthcare industry, then Judit Zolnay and Csaba Szokodi co-leaders of AmCham’s Healthy Nation Policy Task Force had the opportunity to share key messages of the Policy Task Force.  

The quarterly meeting with State Secreatry Lepsényi was followed up by a closed-door meeting with Dr. Ágnes Feketéné Fényi where key issues of the State Secretary meeting were discussed in more details.

Within this framework of the strategic working group, István Lepsényi, Secretary of State for Economic Regulation, Zoltán Marczinkó, Deputy State Secretary and other high-level Ministry representatives met the AmCham delegation on October 24, 2016.  Erika Némethi, CEO of Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturers representing the pharmaceutical industry, emphasized their concerns about the disadvantageous impact on competitiveness of sector specific taxation.

Brain Bar Roundtable

In June 2016 AmCham joined the Brain Bar Budapest event. The goal of the AmCham Lab was to examine and discuss key challenges that industrial internet, also known as Industry 4.0, brings to Hungary. In diverse teams of 10-12, involving business, government representatives, innovators and academia, future of seven topics – including healthcare and healthcare industry – were discussed. The team led by Attila Ferik from GE Healthcare and Healthy Nation PTF Co-leads Judit Zolnay and Csaba Szokodi touched upon topics such as wearables and their effect, data analytics – big-data,  regulatory barriers of healthcare innovation adoption and legal aspects.

Interview at the Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine 

In May, an interview with Healthy Nation Policy Task Force Co-Lead Csaba Szokodi, Zénó Kuluncsics Development Operations Manager from Amgen, and AmCham CEO Írisz Lippai-Nagy was published in the Healthcare & Lifesciences Review of Hungary, a leading strategy publication of the industry globally.

10 000 steps

AmCham Hungary continued its “10,000 Steps” health awareness campaign in 2016. In the Fall 2015 Challenge 100 teams from 30 AmCham companies have participated.  In the year of 2016 27 companies, 104 teams and 791 employees have participated in the challenge. It was also a great development that AmCham Hungary has also participated with three teams, two from the staff members and 1 team from AmCham’s Board. The AmCham Mini League achieved an outstanding result in the AmCham Mini League – above global average.

564 013 km, 881 264 046 steps  and 35 368 728 kcal burned, 78% of participating employees are now highly aware of their physical activity levels, 82% of participating employees now rate their overall health as either good, very good or excellent.

For the list of Healthy Nation Policy Task Force meetings in 2016 please, click here.