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The Facility Management Working Group was established in 2009 and the Board of AmCham upgraded the WG to a Committee in 2012.

Mission of the Committee:

  • The goal of the Committee is to provide a platform for Facilities Management  professionals to discuss FM related matters, learn of new trends, and exchange their opinions and experiences with other experts. Special emphasis is given to the topic of integrating FM processes within an organization, and as a result, improve the effectiveness of a company’s primary activities.

Goals for 2018:

The Committee will remain focused on providing interesting and useful information to its members; the introduction of new trends and handling hot issues within the area of Facility Management. We wish to keep and strengthen our good working relationship amongst our members within AmCham, as well as other professional organizations. We encourage new companies to join the Committee!

Overview of the Committee’s projects and activities:

During 2017, we had the opportunity to welcome some new member companies to the Facilities Mamnagement Committee.

 Our first meeting in February was held at EY, where Erika Chiuhan shared her experiences of the European Facilities Management conference in Milan. She gave the members an overview of the latest trends in FM, as well as a general account of the Conference’s atmosphere.

On the second meeting we hosted the representatives of Leo FM, a professional organization for property and facility managers. They informed our members of their general activities and presented the advantages of their Benchmarking methodology – a crucial tool in navigating the complexities of today’s Office Market.

In April in April, Krisztina Westermann from Smart Office Solutions and András Dobos from LAB5 Architects discussed with our members how the effectiveness of communication can be maximized when working with interior designers, constructors as well as office furniture suppliers. As any Facility Manager who had worked through a reconstruction or refurbishment project can attest, good communication can make all the difference.

Returning to the Eiffel Palace offices of CBRE, Judit Varga, Head of Offices, analyzed the latest trends of the Office Market, and whether the current surge would wear out in the near future. At the center of the analysis was one of the hottest topics of today’s business environment: creating an attractive and accommodating working environment for “Generation Y” employees while also meeting the needs of the older generations.

The sixth and last committee meeting meeting in 2017 was held in late November at the premises of Konica Minolta. With everything going digital, offices will be no exception. From Document Management to fully digital workstations, the future is something that we should all try to anticipate to the best of our abilities.

*To read the Annual Reports of the previous years, please click here.                                           
For more details on our upcoming projects and events for 2017 please contact the committee chair or the coordinator. 



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