Facilities Management

The Facility Management Working Group was established in 2009 and the Board of AmCham upgraded the WG to a Committee in 2012.

Mission of the Committee:

  • The goal of the committee is to provide a platform for a regular professional input and oversight on facilities related matters and to encourage exchange of opinion and experience of the member companies. Through this experience the members are supported how to integrate FM processes within an organization and improve the effectiveness of a company’s primary activities.

Goals for 2017:

The main focus of the Committee will remain to provide interesting and useful information; introduce new trends and handle hot issues within the area of Facility Management; keep and strengthen our good working relationship amongst the members, within AmCham and other professional organizations; and encourage new companies to join the Committee.

Overview of the Committee’s projects and activities:

During 2016, we had the opportunity to welcome some new member companies to the Facilities Mamnagement Committee.

 Our first meeting in February was held at the Eiffel Palace offices of CBRE. The presenters gave an outlook on the upcoming real estate development projects for 2016 and what the new would these facilities bring to the market.

 The second meeting was hosted at NI’s offices at Infopark. We discussed the process and legal requirements for energy audits, which is now mandatory for large companies in accordance with the EU 2020 goals. While companies may go at the process alone, there are significant risks of doing so, considering the vagueness of some of the legislature – it is a much safer route to hire a professional energy audit company which significantly mitigates the inherent risks.

 On the third meeting in June, we visited Telenor’s headquarters in Törökbálint, where we thoroughly discussed and compared the LEED, BREEAM and DGNB green certificate systems that are already well-established abroad and have been gaining significance in Hungary as well for the past decade. As in many other areas, the bar here is also rising and careful planning and thinking in advance is necessary if one wishes to adequately prepare for the future – a take away for developers, lessors and tenants as well.

 On the fourth meeting at EY we discussed office refurbishment and redesign - a topical subject for many of our committee members. The labor market trends of the past few years have made careful and timely planning an absolute must, as there is only a small number of competent and trustworthy contractors, and their availability is limited.

 The fifth and last committee meeting was held in late November. We further explored the topic of office interior management and design in view of newly available technologies and tenant expectations. Employee satisfaction is an important factor in workforce retention, and office spaces make a large contribution to that. Costs however can also run away. Finding the optimal ROI is as important as ever.

*To read the Annual Reports of the previous years, please click here.                                           
For more details on our upcoming projects and events for 2017 please contact the committee chair or the coordinator. 



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