"To help the Hungarian business community realize the tremendous business value brought by digitalization and to help companies in this revolutionary transformation."


In February 2017, the AmCham Board together with Policy Task Force (PTF) and committee leaders and Patron members gathered to analyze AmCham’s strategic goals and position, as well as possible future development plans for the chamber. One of the most important inputs from the membership was a greater need to focus on new trends, mainly positioning Hungary in the digital era. Therefore, a new, Digitalization Policy Task Force was established.

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To become a Member of the PTF, please send an e-mail to Rebeka Gáti, Policy


The Digitalization PTF has defined four main objectives for the 2017-2020 period:

  • Support structural change in the Hungarian education system for a digitally competent society along well-defined output metrics;
  • Adapt innovative digital technologies based on sector specific best practices to create a more effective business environment, and identify a “moonshot” project to foster Hungary’s world-wide reputation across the digital eco-system;
  • Support the development of an enabling digital infrastructure in Hungary, ensuring that the digital economy and digital society can grow;
  • Support the government in becoming more efficient in providing one-stop shop e-government services to companies and citizens.

Main achievements and activities in 2019


In February, AmCham sent the latest “Cooperation for a More Competitive Hungary 2019” recommendation package to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his cabinet.The document was sent to Prime Minister Orbán and his cabinet.

The new 16-point package is a living document representing our commitment to take the economy to the next level. We would like to continue our structured dialogue with the membership, the business community, the academia and our government partners to make Hungary a more attractive destination to investors and to find potential competitive edges in the current economic race.

Highlights of our recommendations include

  • broadening the labour supply
  • encourage electronic payments
  • more support for innovation
  • unification and simplification of digital government services and platforms
  • calling for increased government spending in areas critical to a more competitive Hungary
  • supporting key competencies and skills in education
  • strengthening the cooperation framework between the business and education sectors
  • expansion of career orientation activities
  • more effective foreign language teaching
  • gaining international competitive advantage through revolutionary digital projects

As part of our advocacy flow, the publication of the recommendation package will be followed by a structured dialogue where our proposals are discussed at our regular working group meetings with the representatives of government partners at minister and state secretary levels, business forums and flagship events (e.g. Business Meets Government Summit in September 2019, the Competitive Education Conference in June 2019, the Digitalization Conference which was held on 16th of April 2019).


AmCham launched its first conference on Digitalization in 2018 with local and international experts with the aim to discuss digital trends, the most pressing challenges, potential competitive edges and how all of these impacts the business community in Hungary. In 2019, we shifted our attention to one of the most exciting scitentific developments of our time, Artificial Intelligence. 

The conference held on April 16 was opened by AmCham Digital PTF Lead Barna Erőss. Key note speeches were delivered by Roland Jakab, President of the AI Coalition, László György, State Secretary for Economic Development and Regulation, Ministry for Innovation and Technology and Christopher Mattheisen, Managing Director of Microsoft Hungary. To read more on the Conference, please click here

Meeting with Levente Jánoskuti, managing partner of McKinsey & company

On 4th of March, upon the invitation of the AmCham Board, members of the Digitalization Policy Task Force met Levente Jánoskuti Managing Partner of McKinsey & Company at AmCham Hungary. AmCham President Dr. Farkas Bársony officially handed over AmCham’s recommendation package titled „Cooperation for a more competitive Hungary 2019” to Mr. Jánoskuti, who was invited to present McKinsey’s study entitled ‘The rise of Digital Challengers in Hungary’.

Mr. Jánoskuti is also member of the National Competitiveness Council, which was established by the former Ministry for National Economy to ensure a professional forum for dialogue to address competitiveness. 

Main achievements and activities in 2018


The new 'Cooperation for a more competitive Hungary 2018' recommendation package was sent to the Government on January 19, 2018. The new 16-point package represents our commitment to move our economy and country forward, and it is again considered to be a living document, open for further dialogue. We would like to continue this dialogue with our members, the business community, the academia and our government partners to make Hungary more competitive globally, more attractive to investors and to think ahead of the game in the current economic race.

The new publication is separated into four broad chapters which are in line with our Policy Task Forces: General Business Climate (Investment), Competitive Workforce and Education (Competitive Workforce), Innovation and Research & Development (Innovation) and Digitalization (Digitalization).

The Digitalization chapter focuses on 3 main areas:

  • gaining international competitive advantage through revolutionary digital projects
  • digital education
  • responsible implementation of the GDPR (the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation)

To download the English version of the Cooperation for a More Competitive Hungary 2018 - Executive Summary please, click here. 

To download the Hungarian version of the Cooperation for a More Competitive Hungary 2018 - Executive Summary please, click here. 

If you are interested in reading the whole text of the 16 points strategic working plan, please send us an email to:


AmCham is committed to help our Members during the revolutionary transformation of digitalization through our regular consultations and in May 2018 for the first time ever, a flagship conference was organized with the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency. Local and international experts discussed digital trends, the most pressing challenges, potential competitive edges and how all of these impact the business community in Hungary.

For further information on the  event, please click here. To see the gallery of the event, please click here. 

launch of the amcham career orientation program

On November 12, AmCham Hungary launched the Career Orientation Program at the IV. Competitive Education Conference, a long-term initiative that aims to address the complex challenge of mitigating Hungary’s shortage of skilled labor supply.

The goal of the program is:
1. to better connect the business and education sectors;

2. to help students discover future career options, learn about the labor market, and the competencies needed to succeed;

3. to support them in one of the most important decisions of their lives: choosing their career paths;

4. to create a more effective career orientation concept and find solutions to reduce the gap between employer’s expectations and the skills possessed by young people entering the job market.

The program provides a platform for corporate volunteers, the socalled Career Ambassadors, and the representatives of Hungarian secondary schools nationwide to organize career orientation visits.Since October 2018, we have begun to build a network of corporate volunteers and educational institutions through the online platform which was developed by TATA Consultancy Services, the program’s professional partner. During these classes, Career Ambassadors will hold inspiring, interactive and thought-provoking lectures on crucial subjects such as labor market needs, the modern business environment, the importance of language skills and future jobs to students from grades 9-12. In the 2018-2019, one of our mainfocus points is the promotion of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects and the unparalleled career opportunities these fields offer, with the support of the Arconic Foundation.

The Career Orientation Program has the professional support of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, and the Ministry of Human Capacities.

Become a Career Ambassador now! Step out of your comfort zone. Join now to share your knowledge and expertise with students. If you want to make a difference in the lives of the next generation, register now at to become a Career Ambassador.

Main achievements and objectives in 2017

Formulation Of The PTF

At the kick-off meeting, members decided to create the following working groups to give special focus in key areas:

  • Digital Education
  • Digital Economy and Infrastructure
  • Digital Government and Policy

Starting Dialogue With Decision-makers

In the “Cooperation For A More Competitive Hungary 2017” recommendation package AmCham already had recommendations connected to Digitalization:

  • Recommendation on effective actions to extend the digital labor market;
  • The introduction of more e-government services with the aim of reducing bureaucracy: proposed adaptation of modern cloud-based ICT technologies and the creation of supportive legislative background for e-services;
  • Proactive acting of decision makers and institutions responsible for the regulation of data protection and the regulatory environment for the safe usage of data generated at service providers.

In July, the Digitalization PTF leadership met State Secretary for Economic Development and Regulation István Lepsényi and participated at the AmCham-NGM working group to discuss AmCham’s digitalization related recommendations, as above. This dialogue continued in October, at the seventh AmCham-NGM working group meeting, where further consultations took place.

“Digital Labor Market Conference”

The ICT Association of Hungary (IVSZ) organized the “Digital Labor Market 2017” conference in partnership with AmCham Hungary. The other organizing partners were the German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Big Four. The goal of the conference was to call for a sector-wide cooperation addressing the growing issue of the digital labor shortage and the development of digital competencies. AmCham President Dr. Farkas Bársony participated in a panel discussion and highlighted the role of education: how digitalization and a flexible education system built to develop competencies are the key to produce future employees who are capable of adapting to new situations quicker. The conference was attended by State Secretary Péter Cseresnyés, EU Commissioner of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Tibor Navracsics, and Commissioner of the Digital Prosperity Program Tamás Deutsch.

5G Coalition

The 5G Coalition (5GK), initiated by the Digital Success Program, was formed with the aim to make Hungary a European hub for 5G developments and to take a leading role in the region in 5G-based applications. The goals of the 5GK is to make Hungary one of the centers of 5G development in Europe by 2018, to take a leading role in the region in testing applications based on 5G and to become one of the first countries to introduce 5G. The coalition will create a professional platform for stakeholders and it will contribute to the elaboration and implementation of the Hungarian 5G strategy and testing environment. In June, representatives of AmCham participated in the preparatory meeting held at the Ministry of Human Capacities, where Commissioner Deutsch, along with two experts of the Digital Success Program, Vilmos Both and Ákos Mácz, presented the goals of the 5GK and its planned activities. The coalition was formally established on June 19, and AmCham, among 50 other companies, business chambers, universities, research institutes and civil organizations, was a founding member. Two plenary sessions have been held since then and five working groups were established. Members of the Digitalization PTF joined the Applications and Sample Systems group, which is responsible for the identification of 5G-based applications and the involvement of developers.

Working Closely With ICT Association Of Hungary (IVSZ) And The Digital Pedagogical Methodology Center

Several meetings were held with representatives of the ICT Association of Hungary to better understand the challenges of digitalization in Hungary, the initiatives and strategies introduced by the government, and areas where AmCham could have a real impact for the benefit of the business community it represents. In June, Ádám Horváth, manager of the Digital Pedagogical Methodology Center was the guest of the Digitalization PTF meeting, where he discussed issues related to the structural changes of the education system and the introduction of well-defined output metrics. The recommendations formulated during these discussions were channeled into the “Business Meets Government Summit” event and will be incorporated into the “Cooperation For A More Competitive Hungary Recommendation 2018” recommendation package.

Third “Business Meets Government Summit”

The Digitalization PTF organized a roundtable discussion at the third “Business Meets Government Summit” to discuss the need and possibility for defining a “moon-shot” project for Hungary. The PTF believes that for Hungary’s future development it is very important to identify digital initiatives where Hungary could be a global leader. Our goal is to make Hungary a digital hub (with a special focus on Budapest) and to that end, AmCham supports projects that give a competitive advantage in the digital ecosystem. The representatives of the Ministry for National Economy and the Ministry of National Development acknowledged the importance of such “moon-shot” projects. Further, detailed recommendations have been developed as a result of the discussions and will be incorporated in the next issue of the “Cooperation For A More Competitive Hungary Recommendation 2018” recommendation package.

Future goals

In 2019, the Digitalization Policy Task Force plans to:

  • Prepare digitalization-related recommendations and positions;
  • Support AmCham governmental partners in taking effective measures to expand the digital labor market and in upgrading digital education;
  • Work closely with the ICT Association of Hungary (IVSZ) and the Digital Success Program (DJP) with regards to the Digital Workforce Program;
  • Share best practices for digital technologies and solutions.


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