CHN International Leadership Academy Season 8 - A Day for Inspiration (September 2018 - June 2019)

  • July 09, 2018
Coaching Without Borders / Coaching Határok Nélkül (CHN) presents the new season of the CHN International Leadership Academy.

Coaching Without Borders / Coaching Határok Nélkül (CHN) presents

CHN International Leadership Academy


from January to June 2019

CHN (Coaching Without Borders) has been running the International Leadership Academy in the form of one or half day workshops since 2011 with the aim of bringing renowned international experts and outstanding professionals to Hungary from the world of leadership development and coaching who are able to present the rapidly developing leadership trends and coaching industry in its diversity and depth. The standars are high - HR Portal and Boom Magazine find it worthwhile to cover this event series every time without fail, and Forbes Hungary publishes articles about the worskhops too.

The CHN Leadership Academy is a continuously refreshing program and this season is no different. For the first time this season we have increased the number of speakers to 10 internationally recognized experts who will help us immerse into 12 topics in workshops that provide participants understanding of the latest trends and research as well as gain immediately applicable, cutting-edge knowledge, tools and techniques. For the first time this season we shall also provide half-day workshops for those who want to learn in a condensed way. Our job is to give you the choice to make sure you that you can select the type of learning and content that suits you best. For he first time we offer novel online tools (Motivational Maps, Neuro-agility test) to help you learn more about yourself at special CHN prices. We shall also continue offering the latest books by our speakers.

The presentations and workshops are held in English (some may have simoultaneous translation – please check beforehand) on a regular basis with dates fixed in advance, enabling participants to plan ahead and select the programs according to their interest and professional field.

In order to register, please contact Judit Ábri at

CHN Program –– Season 8: September 2018 - June 2019

17 January 2019

Arvid Jonathan Buit
MCC, Master Certified Coach and Associate Coach for Marshall Goldsmith presents two separate keynote speeches:

  • 10:00-12:00: Narcissism and Leadership — Understanding leadership personalities
  • 14:00-16:00: Stakeholder Centered Coaching (Marshall Goldsmith) - Coaching for Measurable and Guaranteed behavioural change

7 February 2019

Shannon Banks

9:00-16:00: Understanding Social Leadership: How to Thrive in a Modern Workplace

7 March 2019

Carole Gaskell
Coach, Author, WBECS Speaker

9:00-16:00: Neuro-agility – Brain Fitness
Boost brainpower and learning agility and enable people and your organisation to thrive in the world of learning

26 March 2019

James Sale
Motivation and Mentoring Guru, Creator of Motivational Maps

Motivation and Leadership for High Performance from the MAN behind the Motivational Maps

11 April 2019

Lynn Scott
MCC, Team Coach, Writer, Speaker

9:00-16:00: Be More Successful without Working Harder – Join the Effortless Leader Revolution

20 June 2019

Lucy Ryan
Coach, trainer, keynote speaker, author

9:00-16:00: Positive Psychology into Action

Stakeholder Centered Coaching (Marshall Goldsmith)
Coaching for Measurable and Guaranteed behavioural change

Narcissism and Leadership — Understanding leadership personalities

Presenter: Arvid Jonathan Buit, MCC (Netherlands)
Master Certified Coach and Associate Coach for Marshall Goldsmith

Arvid Buit is a well-known master executive coach in the leadership- and corporate world. Arvid focuses on strategic challenges by changing c-suite leadership behaviour with his unique approach. He specialises in boardroom-psychology and behavioural change that lasts. Over the past decade, he worked with 500+ CxO leaders in his coaching practice.

With extensive experience in both National- and International leadership (working in the media- and entertainment, healthcare, education and production business), Arvid gained boardroom knowledge by working as an executive director, company owner, creative director, concept developer and member of the supervisory board. He's also a certified boardmember and licensed as supervisory non-executive.

Besides his coaching practice, Arvid is a popular Keynote Speaker, having a unique story about ‘Narcissism and why you can still love leaders’. He was active (among others) for The CFO Day, Corporate Growth Summit, M&A Community, and spoke for KPMG / Heineken / KNVB and many others. Several media rely on Arvid’s specialised knowledge of narcissism and strategic leadership, for live interviews, written articles and online platforms. He loves to work on groundbreaking boardroom programmes and challenging new business ventures. Many people read his Blogs on the LinkedIn platform or via large corporate websites like Business Insider.

Qualifications & Accreditations

  • Marshall Goldsmith Master Certified Executive Coach
  • Marshall Goldsmith Global Leadership Assessment
  • ICF Master Certified Coach
  • EMCC Master Practitioner Coach
  • EMCC Professional Supervisor
  • Author of 'Wahlberg - Story of a CEO' (2015)
  • Author of 'Save the Alfawolf' (2018)

"Arvid is second to none. His intelligence, thoughtfulness, and experience makes him the perfect Executive Coach. If you have the pleasure of working with Arvid, you will learn more about yourself than you could imagine. And, you will experience growth in your
organisation beyond compare." - Michael Ross - President MLN

Audience feedback after his lectures (scoring 8.5-9.6 on average):

“Inspiring and Confronting”

Very high level, great impact”

“Authentic story, presented in an excellent way”

Stakeholder Centered Coaching (Marshall Goldsmith) - Coaching for Measurable and Guaranteed behavioural change

Time & Date: 17 January 2019, 10.00 – 12.00

By the end of the session participants will:

  • Know everything about the Marshall Goldsmith progra
  • Can work the 7-step circle for change
  • Understand the type of leaders that can benefit from the SCC-process
  • Received the 20 dysfunctional behaviours by leaders, and can use them in coaching
  • Are ware of the 3 fundamental aspects of change (Courage, Humility and Discipline)
  • Where able to exchange thoughts, questions and experiences

Narcissism and Leadership — Understanding leadership personalities

Time & Date: 17 January 2019, 14.00 – 16.00

By the end of the session participants will:

  • Understand how narcissistic patterns evolve and develop
  • Know more about their own score on the ‘narcissistic scale’
  • Are aware of the internal drive and recognition leaders search for
  • Can work with CxO leaders, scoring above average on the narcissistic scale
  • Experienced the power and pitfalls of narcissism
  • Where able to exchange thoughts, questions and experiences

Understanding Social Leadership: How to Thrive in a Modern Workplace

Presenter: Shannon Banks

Shannon Banks, Managing Director of Be Leadership, is an experienced coach, facilitator and consultant, delivering quality, bespoke work to diverse clients across many sectors, including Syngenta, Coca-Cola European Partners, Solvay, Miniclip, Microsoft, BNP Paribas and the House of Commons. Shannon is passionate about social leadership: She helps businesses create a better world by developing leaders who understand the true value of social impact and have the skills needed to thrive in a modern work environment.

Shannon was the first Action Learning coach certified in the United Kingdom by the World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL). As one of only 10 coaches globally to obtain the Master Action Learning Coach qualification, Shannon frequently teaches the Action Learning Coach Certification courses held in Britain and uses Action Learning to support her clients in creating sustainable cultural change. She is co-author of the third edition of Optimizing the Power of Action Learning: Real-Time Strategies for Developing Leaders, Building Teams, and Transforming Organizations, published Spring 2018.

Shannon is a WIAL Board Member since 2015 and is Chair of the Institute’s Committee for Fundraising, Scholarships and Grants. She also is an experienced executive coach – she has completed an executive coaching certification with the NeuroLeadership Institute and is accredited as an ACC with the International Coach Federation.

Before forming Be Leadership, Shannon spent 17 years with Microsoft in a variety of leadership roles across the business and HR, with responsibilities managing globally distributed, multi-functional teams. Most recently, she served as Talent Management Director for Western Europe. She was Microsoft’s global thought leader for Action Learning and responsible for the development of Front Lines, an award-winning experience that links learning directly to business impact through work with partners in the developing world.

Shannon is a slow but persistent runner, an avid reader and mother to a wonderful 12-year-old daughter Madeline. She enjoys cooking, vegetable gardening and playing Xbox games, and lives with her family outside of London, in a Chertsey home built in 1725. She is active in her local community and volunteers with the Runnymede Food Bank.

Understanding Social Leadership: How to Thrive in a Modern Workplace

Time and Date: 7 February 2019, 9.00 - 16.00

Social Leadership is an emerging leadership style that is needed for success in the modern workplace. Effective social leaders bring together new conversational behaviours and a focus on social impact.

As organizations are increasingly global, social networks are more commonplace, and millennials are entering the workforce, traditional, top-down leadership styles are no longer working. Customers and employees have come to expect a certain level of information flow – higher than was expected in the past. Success now demands ensuring that the right people have the right information – real-time.

Social leaders are collaborative, networked professionals, who proactively use both technology and the resulting mindset of connectedness to build an empowered and agile organization. They form rich connections with their employees and hold two-way conversations with their teams. They listen to the needs of their employees and create environments that help them succeed.

In this social era, new connections are also forming between business and society. As consumers, we expect more responsiveness and a stronger human relationship amidst digital transformation. Social media have put pressure on businesses to behave more responsibly. Employees expect companies that act responsibly and with purpose and engage with society in a positive way. Social leaders understand the strategic value of social impact and have the skills and behaviours needed to thrive in this new environment.

This interactive session will cover the following:

  • Historical changes that are causing the shift to the Social Era and how that is impacting workplace and leadership trends
  • A model that of social leadership behaviors that are required in the modern workplace
  • Individual reflections and insights on strengths and areas for development
  • Group work and reflection on how to most effectively coach and develop social leaders
  • A successful case study of effective social leadership development


Presenter: Carole Gaskell
Coach, author

Carole Gaskell is a highly-acclaimed coach, inspirational speaker and best-selling author in the field of people potential and leadership development. She has made numerous TV and radio appearances and is a regular contributor to business, national and consumer publications.

Carole’s skills lie in keynote speaking, leadership facilitation, coaching senior business leaders and their teams to reach their full potential and create high-performance cultures within their organisations. Her energetic, creative commitment to bringing positive change to individuals and organisations is also the passion that fuels her business, Full Potential Group — one of Europe’s longest-established and most highly-regarded specialist coaching and leadership development companies — which she established in 1997.

Carole has delivered keynotes at conferences in the UK and internationally, including CIPD in UK and Asia Pacific, Worldwide investment conferences and Vistage CEO groups. She has spoken for clients including Ageas, Alzheimer’s Society, Harrods, Heinz, Hilton Hotels, Lend Lease, Mercer, Nationwide Building Society, Starbucks, Tesco, VW Group, William Hill and United Utilities, along with a variety of SMEs throughout the UK. ‘The Full Potential session that Carole presented at Mercer’s Global Investment Forum was a fantastic hit. Provocative and educational, it created a real buzz of discussion. Optimising communication and co-operation by understanding different personality types, is key to success in any business relationship.’Linda Russheim, Global Head of Marketing Mercer’s Investment business


Time and Date: 7 March 2019, 9.00 - 16.00

Neuro-agility: helps people do things Simpler, Better, Faster – they improve their performance by Being More Neuro-agile. Boost brainpower and learning agility and enable people and your organisation to thrive in the future world of work by measuring and improving Neuro-agility.

Neuro-agility is the new paradigm for talent development and performance enhancement, both measuring and enabling to understanding your own unique neurological design and the drivers that can optimise brain performance.

The journey to self-mastery, excellence and happiness, starts with identifying your neuro-design (potential), optimising the drivers that impact your brain performance, developing appropriate skills that are aligned with your neuro-design and continuously reinforcing those skills!

People who are neuro agile have the flexibility to learn new skills, attitudes and behaviours faster and more easily. Coaches can dramatically improve their impact by learning how to boost brain fitness by accelerating the 6 drivers of brain agility.

During active and experiential session you’ll learn how to help your clients increase their neuro- agility by having a greater understanding of:

  • the 6 drivers that optimise people’s brain fitness and performance and how to boost them
  • the 7 factors that make up people’s own unique neurological design so you can help improve their learning, productivity, health and wellbeing.
  • Key actions you can take to help your coachees

Motivation and Leadership for High Performance

Presenter: James Sale
Motivation and Mentoring Guru, Creator of Motivational Maps

James Sale is the creator of the Motivational Map and its related Youth, Team and Organisational diagnostics; also, he is the co-founder of Motivational Maps Ltd, a company with over 400 practitioner licensees operating in 14 countries, and with the Map questionnaire now translated into 9 languages. With nearly 40,000 maps now completed, James is still a long way from completing his company's mission to transform how management works throughout the world: to move it from a top-down model to one embracing a more bottom-up, and engaging process through motivational mapping. He is the author of Mapping Motivation (Routledge, 2016), Mapping Motivation for Coaching (with Bevis Moynan, Routledge, 2018), Mapping Motivation for Engagement (with Steve Jones, Routledge, 2018), and in 2019 Mapping Motivation for Leadership (with Jane Thomas) will also be published by Routledge. Three more Mapping Motivation books are also contracted for 2020 and 2021. James is also a poet, won First Prize in the American Society of Classical Poets' 2017 annual competition. Currently, he is working on The English Cantos, a tribute in terza rima to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of the great Italian poet Dante in 2021.

Date: 26 March 2019

James will provide a unique take on his understanding of leadership and how it is more connected with motivation than most consultants, coaches and academics think. He will share and explore Motivational Maps' '4+1' model of the building blocks of effective leaders, and how we go about using this. To put this in context, we need to clearly understand that at least 50% of all leadership activity involves or touches on the question of motivation in some way or another. Thus, not to understand how Motivational Maps works and contribute, is, in James's view, a serious omission with potentially lethal implications.

Be More Successful without Working Harder
Join the Effortless Leader Revolution

Presenter: Lynn Scott MCC
Director, Team Coach, Writer, Speaker and founder of The Effortless Leader Revolution

Lynn Scott MCC coaches award-winning senior leaders and executive teams and runs open and in-house leadership programmes for a variety of corporate organisations. She’s also a coach supervisor for internal and executive coaches worldwide, a prolific blogger on all things leadership and teams and a regular contributor to business and consumer publications.

She was Director of Professional Development on the UK ICF Board between 2012-14 where she set up a vibrant CPD programme which has continued and evolved to this day. Lynn is known for helping leaders combine deep self-awareness with pragmatic action and one CEO recently described her as ‘the maestro of breakthrough conversations’.

Lynn’s commercial background before training as a coach in 2001 was in the travel industry. In her first senior leadership role in the 1990s she struggled to ‘get it all done’ and to ‘step up’ in her new role. So for the last twenty years she has made it her life’s mission to help leaders understand how to lead effortlessly and to be more successful without working harder.

Be More Successful without Working Harder - Join the Effortless Leader Revolution

Time and Date: 11 April 2019, 9.00 - 16.00

Today’s challenge for Leaders

Many of us reach leadership positions because of our knowledge, expertise, operational success, technical or academic track record and our experience. Many of us, when we reach those senior positions, continue to focus on that knowledge and expertise because it’s what we’re recognised for. These skills come easily. So we keep on doing what we’ve always done and forget the ‘leader’ part of the job which can decrease our team’s productivity and motivation and increase our own workload.

You’ve learned the theory, you’re intelligent and you’re ambitious for you and the organisation you work for. You’ve attended many training programmes or seminars on leadership and yet you’re struggling to put it all into place in your ‘real world’. That is part of the problem – you’ve got too much information and not enough application!

The Effortless Leader Revolution is different

Effortless doesn’t mean you stop trying. What it DOES mean is that you focus, practise and consolidate and do things one step at a time.

Focus and Practice – one step at a time – leads to leadership mastery.

In this interactive and participative workshop you’ll explore things that are specific to YOUR context and leadership role that you can apply right away:
During this interactive workshop you will:

  • Learn how to build YOUR Firm Foundation of Effortless Leadership;
  • Recognise the ‘triggers’ that trip you up – again and again – and what to do about them;
  • Identify the Four Pillars of Effortless Leadership and strategies to work on them - Time, Transform, Talk, Team
  • Choose your FIRST STEP to Effortless Leadership and start acting on it immediately

If you are a coach, this workshop will help you understand how and why leaders get stuck and how to help them take action without being overwhelmed.

Positive Psychology into Action

Presenter: Lucy Ryan
Coach, trainer, keynote speaker, author

Lucy Ryan is a highly acclaimed coach, (recently listed as one of the global top 50 coaches by Corporate Vision magazine, 2018), trainer, keynote speaker and author. Founding Director of training and coaching consultancy, Mindspring, (, Lucy is one of only a handful of people in Europe with an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and is at the forefront of the development of positive psychology in Europe. Co-author of the UK’s first well-being curriculum, (‘Well Being Lessons for Secondary Schools’: OUP, 2012), Lucy also developed the UK’s only resilience curriculum for teenagers (SPARK). Lucy is a Senior Lecturer at the University of East London and specialises in the application of positive psychology to organisations, with a particular emphasis on strengths-based coaching. Lucy is also studying for a PHD at the University of Liverpool in Management Learning and Leadership.

Lucy is also one of the UK’s foremost personal impact coaches for senior business people, specialising in the development of confidence in leaders at the different stages of their careers. To this end, she is a certified as an NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Strengths Deployment Practitioner. Recognised for her vitality, creativity and warmth, Lucy is passionate about developing people so that their confidence and natural talents grow and flourish.

Positive Psychology into Action

Time and Date: 20 June 2019, 9.00 - 16.00

The Aims of the Session

As far as coaching goes, positive psychology offers the world of coaching something very special – an evidence based framework and a rich scientific body of work from which to design your interventions. Since working in this field for 10 years, my aim for this workshop is to share my learning and dig deeper into three big areas of positive psychology. We will ‘play with’ positive interventions that go beyond the norm you can read in most PP books and will stimulate your action and thinking for your clients.

The three areas we will focus on will be:

  1. Character Strengths
  2. Positive Emotions and Resilience
  3. Motivation and Peak Performance. Particularly working with teams.

The Content of the Session

Strengths: Positive Psychology’s 24 Character Strengths go beyond most strengths psychometrics, offering clients a ‘route path’ for growth and development in their life. Using
the strengths cards and coaching questions, we will explore together four fundamentals for working with character strengths:

  • How do you help people recognise their strengths (and fall in love with them)?
  • What worth does a client get from exploring their strengths (and considering overuse and underuse);
  • In what other areas can their character strengths be applied and amplified?
  • Beyond your signature strengths, what character strengths need developing to achieve what you want to achieve next in life?

Positive Emotions and Resilience:
The fundamental premise of emotional intelligence is to help people utilise their own, and others’ emotions as a resource for inspiring and driving emotions in the right direction. In order to develop this intelligence, people need to:

  • recognise their own emotions and the effect on mood and performance;
  • manage themselves effectively in times of stress and negativity and understand the impact of ‘emotional contagion’;
  • understand the importance of positive emotions as a valuable resource for happiness and resilience and be able to intentionally capitalise on such emotions

Together we will explore the ‘Emotions in Action Matrix’ – a simple, yet highly effective tool that helps people be aware, and take control of, their emotional state – whether it is a helpful positive state or an unhelpful negative state. Whilst we will discuss triggers and negative emotions, the focus will be on nature and usefulness of positive emotions, particularly the power of appreciation; celebration; optimism and teamwork. We will also work with the different ‘positive positions’ for looking at situations in new lights.

Team Motivation and Peak Performance: Utilising the MAPP (Motivation and Peak Performance) Wheel, in the last section of this workshop we will explore the 12 scientific factors that enhance motivation and drive. This section of the workshop brings together much of the new body of scientific work around achievement and motivation and shows you how to work in a practical, interesting work with a client and a team, utilising the wheel and motivation cards.


In order to register, please contact Judit Ábri at