Category winner of AmCham’s Tudsz Jobbat! competition meets Minister Szijjártó and visits HIPA

  • January 31, 2017
Entrepreneurship is highly valued by AmCham. Following this spirit at the II. Competitive Education Conference’s Tudsz Jobbat! creative competition in the dream workplace category the award went to the Waking Dream Co. from Bálint Márton Elementary and Secondary School. The application of the team put the emphasis on the clear assignment of tasks, social inclusion and performance-driven assessment. A central focus was directed on the potential of teleworking and the importance of employee well-being.

As the part of their prize, the students had the chance to spend a day at the Hungarian Investment Promotions Agency (HIPA). HIPA organized an engaging and comprehensive visit for the students so they could get an insight into the relevant topics and ongoing projects of the Agency. The Students and their accompanying teacher were welcomed by Mr. István Papp, vice president of HIPA as well as Ms. Dóra Kalocsa, Head of the Protocol and Communications Department. The student had a discussion about HIPA’s role in Hungary’s economy and they could also share their ideas about ideal workplaces of the future.

As part of the program the students visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade where they had an official meeting with Minister Péter Szijjártó. The Team enjoyed the special day very much, gained useful information and also shared their opinion and questions with the decision makers.

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