Career Orientation Program expands outside Budapest with a three-city STEM Roadshow

  • May 07, 2019
“A soldier, fireman, you will be! A shepherd, you'll lead wild game to graze!” – said Irisz Lippai-Nagy to open the roadshow. Attila József wrote these lines in his famous poem, Lullaby, almost 100 years ago. If the poet lived today, he would probably write that the child would become a mechatronic engineer, a programmer, or a HR employee one day. Beside traditional professions, a number of new roles have emerged in recent years, many of which are unfamiliar to students and their parents.

The Career Orientation Program aims to help high school students  make the most important decisions in their future: choosing their career path. It has already been six months since the official launch of the program and as the next milestone, AmCham launched a three-city roadshow. The goal was to visit Debrecen, Székesfehérvár and Pécs to engage as many high schools and corporate volunteers as possible and to provide the opportunity to local city administration, educational institutions and local businesses to discuss the most pressing issues regarding career orientation. In addition to this, our other priority is to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) career paths and a stronger cooperation between the business and education sectors.


“It is only possible to maintain a prosperous economy and meet the needs of the labor market, if the city, the educational sector and the companies collaborate” – Mayor László Papp pointed out in his speech welcoming AmCham’s initiative at the first stop in Debrecen on March 13.

At the second event in Székesfehérvár, Mayor András Cser-Palkovics presented statistics which indicated the need for initiatives, such as the Career Orientation Program to educate youngsters about the needs of the labor market as well as the employers and opportunities in the area.


On April 10, the Career Orientation Program arrived to Pécs, the third and final stop of the roadshow. After opening the event, Mayor Zsolt Páva joined the roundtable discussion on career orientation strategies with Chancellor of the local Vocational Training Centre, and representatives from IBM, the Education Center and the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They highlighted the importance of language skills and the need to restore the prestige of blue-collar professions.

At each event an interactive workshop encouraged the attendees to present their thoughts on the most important skills that students should acquire by the time they apply for their first job. Interestingly, the most common suggestions were soft skills, including self-awareness, problem-solving, resilience and dedication - AmCham has long emphasized the importance of focusing on the education of skills in its recommendation packages.


One of the most important conclusions of the roadshow is that it is pivotal to start career orientation  as early as possible in order to prepare students to make an informed decision.

After every event, a five-day campaign was launched in each city to inspire corporate volunteers to hold career orientation classes in schools in the city and the surrounding area. As a result of the roadshow, an additional 34 schools and corporate volunteers joined the karrierorientacio.hu platform, which now registers 102 companies with 208 corporate volunteers – so-called Career Ambassadors – and 103 schools. Thanks to the dedicated Career Ambassadors, 100 career orientation classes have already taken place since the official launch of the program by the end of April.


AmCham Hungary would like to thank the Arconic Foundation for supporting the roadshow.