Career Ambassador Program

Career Ambassador Programme

In 2015 AmCham launched the Career Ambassador Program giving students the option to visit our member companies where they attend focused programs to better familiarize them with the type of jobs the labor market has to offer.  We are very proud to report that the program was extremely successful from the very beginning.

The project in numbers

  • 10 visited companies
  • 18 participating schools
  • 22 visits
  • 310 students 

The main Message

"These are the competencies you need to have today„

  • Opportunity for schools to visit companies
  • A wide spectrum of messages can be conveyed and demonstrated (presentation of company operations, specific jobs, other issues such as cyber-security, financial basics, etc…)
  • Orientation for teachers:  The educators that accompany the students also hear new information


Visit to Tata Consultancy Services

Turn your office into a Career Embassy for a day!

The next phase of the Language Ambassador Project - based on a number of discussions with our members and schools - is to invite groups of students to visit member companies to provide them with an opportunity to practice their foreign language competency and to help them understand the requirements of a multilingual work environment.

What does hosting a workplace visit involve?

These visits may include tours, practical activities, teasers, presentations and an opportunity for the students to converse with employees.

What does your organisation gain?

By hosting a workplace visit, your business or organisation can gain significantly. Your employees develop and enhance their skills and experience by working with the young people who visit them. You can also actively demonstrate your organisation's or business' dedication to working with your local community.

Sample workplace visit agenda

Below is an example agenda for a model workplace visit lasting two hours – the exact agenda is customizable to your needs:

  • 15 minutes: welcome and introduction to the organisation / clear, concise presentation - understandable for young people - big picture on the corporate profile and strategy
  • 25 minutes: short presentations from three staff about their roles, including Q&A following each speaker
  • 20 minutes: short tour of the organisation's facilities
  • 20 minutes: refreshment break
  • 30 minutes: small group discussion activity (students are divided into groups, each with an accompanying staff member to discuss working at the organisation – rotate every 10 minutes)
  • IQ test in English
  • Test interview (HR, english-personal advises)
  • 10 minutes: report back and wrap up.


Students at Tata Consultancy Services                                                                  Students at Lexmark

Demand for both the Language and Career Ambassador Programs is at an all-time high, but we believe there is always room for more! We encourage member companies to join this new initiative and AmCham is ready to coordinate the visits. Please contact Project Coordinator József Gál for more information at or at +36 1 428-2080. 


József GÁL

József GÁL

Project Manager

+36 1 428-2080