Annual Report of the Electronic Manufacturers' Committee, 2010

Chair: László ÁBRAHÁM (NI Hungary Kft.)

Coordinator: László METZING

Member companies of the Committee:

 Elcoteq Hungary Electronics Ltd.

 Flextronics Budapest Kft.

 Flextronics International Kft.

 FoxConn (invited)


 Jabil Circuit Magyarország Kft.

 NI Hungary Kft.

 Robert Bosch Kft. /Hatvan factory

 Sanmina-SCI Magyarország Kft.

 Siemens Zrt.

Committee’s priorities:

• Raising awareness and highlighting the weight and role of the electronic manufacturing sector in the Hungarian economy.

• Finding areas of common interest of electronic manufacturing companies and joining forces in these areas.


During the past four years, member companies who are in most cases heavy competitors, have built up trustworthy relationships. During the past twelve months we have had the following concrete actions and achievements:

1. After a long and careful planning and data collection process, we have finalized the Position Brief titled “Electronic Manufacturing as a Pillar of Hungarian National Competitiveness”. The document presents the most important facts and figures of the sector including its contribution to GDP (directly 5,4%, with estimated multiplication around 15%), weight in manufacturing industry (24%),export (32%) employment (over 90,000) and companies’ direct and indirect (labor culture, etc.) contribution to the Hungarian economy and the hindering factors experienced in the business environment. The Position Brief was made public in August at a press conference, which was well attended by journalists and the main messages were reflected in the Hungarian media. Several followup meetings have been organized with representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of National Development and the Ministry of National Resources and others are scheduled.

As another follow-up of the document, we have been asked by the Ministry of National Development to submit detailed and concrete proposals related to tax regulations and customs procedures. Committee members worked out proposals and after reviewed and approved by the Tax Committee and the AmCham Board they have been submitted to the Ministry of National Development, the Ministry of Economy and to the Tax Office (APEH).

2. Finalizing the work started two years ago committee members have put together a complete training curriculum for one of their most commonly employed workforce, the SMT operator. The content was supplied by engineers and training experts of the companies and the raw materials were finalized in the form of a comprehensive on-line training book by the Budapest Technical University as a result of a close cooperation with National Instruments. The 200 plus page book is freely downloadable from the AmCham website.

Since repair service is becoming more and more important for manufacturers further plans include a similar training book for debugging. We continued our tradition to hold the meetings at various member companies, this year Foxconn hosted a meeting.

I would like to thank them and each Committee Member for their active contribution to the goals and achievements of the Committee.

László Ábrahám, Chair of the Committee