Announcement: New Policy Task Force leaders and committee chairs appointed

  • June 26, 2019
On June 25, the AmCham Board appointed new leaders to four of our advocacy groups and confirmed the reelection of three committee chairs.

We are proud to announce that Attila Ferik, Managing Director of GE Healthcare was appointed as the head of the Innovation PTF, Zsuzsanna Beszteri, Government and Regulatory Affairs Executive at IBM will serve as the new Competitive Workforce PTF lead, Róbert Dobay, CEO of Managementor is now the new HR Committee Chair and Károly Radnai, CEO of OrienTax was elected the head of the Tax Committee.

Dr. László Ábrahám, Managing Director of NI Hungary will remain the chair of the Electronic Manufacturers’ Committee, Dr. Gábor Orosz, Associate General Counsel, Ni Hungary was also re-elected as the leader of the Regulatory Committee. László Czirják will continue to serve as the head of the Governance & Transparency Committee.

The Workspace and Facilities Management committee elected Tünde Kirschner, Vice President, Head of Corporate Services at Morgan Stanley, as its new leader back in September 2018 after József Jung stepped down from the position.

The AmCham Board of Directors would like to thank Joerg Bauer and Csaba Márkus, Dr. Andrea Juhos, Péter Molnár, David Young and Botond Rencz for years of dedicated service as representatives of our working groups. We are proud to have such esteemed and respected professionals as part of our organization and look forward to their future contributions within the chamber.




Chief Executive Officer