AmCham volunteers held lectures at the newly introduced Career Orientation Day at the Kispesti Deák Ferenc Gimnázium

  • January 30, 2018
Andrea Juhos PTF Lead, Péter Csucska, First Vice President of AmCham and Zsuzsa Beszteri, member of the Competitive Workforce PTF and the working group responsible for the content development of the new AmCham initiative visited the Kispesti Deák Ferenc High School to talk about their work and career, and shared their experience with high school students whose future may also be shaped by this message. AmCham recognizes that by personally delivering this message to high school students, we can help promote and encourage the student’s orientation.

AmCham welcomes the new Career Orientation Day, introduced by the Government last year, to be held in all schools across the country on an optionally selected day. In order to intensify the cooperation between businesses and educational institutions AmCham advocates for special focus on career orientation and would like to contribute to the implementation process of the new Career Orientation Day by launching a brand new program.  Therefore in 2017, the Competitive Workforce and the Digitalization Policy Task Forces initiated a joint project (as a reform of the Language Ambassador Program) to help students discover the current career possibilities and better connect business and education. The new initiative is based on the feedback we have from our ambassador programs that students are usually more interested in the Ambassador’s work and career path while they easily acknowledge the importance of language learning.

Through this new initiative, a matchmaking digital platform will be created where schools and company volunteers can make connections in an easy and efficient way. The development of the website will be a joint project with Tata Consultancy Services, who kindly offered to host and develop the website for AmCham.




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