AmCham’s position on the planned modification of the Law on Labor Safety

  • September 21, 2017
In line with AmCham’s main goal to promote a clear and up-to-date regulatory environment for remote work, AmCham’s Competitive Workforce Policy Task Force and Regulatory Committee have jointly reviewed the planned modification of the law regulating labor safety (Act XCIII of 1993 on Labor Safety) which impacts the regulatory framework of remote work. AmCham’s position has been sent to the Ministry for National Economy on 8th of September.

Companies and employees see the need for expanding new, flexible employment schemes in the coming years, which is partly induced by the wide-scale spread of digitalization that is rapidly transforming workplaces, ways of communication and work processes. AmCham is dedicated to presenting its related recommendations to decision-makers, and took the opportunity of the 6th AmCham-NGM working group meeting held in early June with István Lepsényi, State Secretary for Economic Regulation and other high-level representatives of the Ministry, to present regulatory concerns of AmCham member companies who consider to introduce or have introduced schemes of remote work for their employees. As a follow-up, the department of the Deputy State Secretary for the Labor Market worked out modifications to the Act XCIII of 1993 on Labor Safety and have asked AmCham for its position.