Insight class of 89

Class of ’89 – AmCham kicks off summer with an anniversary INSIGHT Dinner

  • June 18, 2019
AmCham Hungary held its traditional INSIGHT Dinner for Top Executives at the Budapest Marriott Hotel on June 17. Organized annually to thank outstanding AmCham members for their efforts and contributions throughout the year and to introduce the activities of the Chamber to potential member companies.

INSIGHT has become a cornerstone of AmCham event calendar, where members are given a review about the highlights and achievements of the year while having a good time together before the summer holiday. This time, the exclusive event brought together more than 150 CEOs and business leaders for an evening of great food, fun and discussion.

This year, the Chamber celebrates the 30th anniversary its foundation and for this remarkable occasion, the traditional Insight event got a little twist. After receiving a glass of festive punch upon arrival, guests stepped into the ballroom embellished with retro decoration, that brought the 80s back for an evening. Neon balloons floating around, tables covered in shiny confetti while nostalgic top hits playing in the background. A table was set up full of everyday objects from the 80s, like cassettes and floppy disks and also truly special items, such as a piece of the barbed wire fence from the Pan-European Picnic at Austrian-Hungarian border (1989).
Beside the 80s vibes and remembrance of the events of 1989, this evening was also about appreciation. The Board Members, CEOs, leaders of Policy Task Forces and Committees were acknowledged for their dedication, without them AmCham would not be the same today. In addition, the founders and past presidents of AmCham were thanked for setting us up on this path.
“In 1989, Thirty-two business leaders and companies founded AmCham Hungary to build a strong business community, develop international business and promote the highest standards of business conduct and integrity as our country entered a new era” – said AmCham President Bársony.
“Today, AmCham Hungary is an influential organization representing 350 companies, coming from a wide variety of sectors, we are a hub of intelligent discourse and knowledge sharing, we are a trusted partner of the government and we are a community dedicated to use its capabilities, experience and resources to make Hungary more competitive” – he added.
Before dinner was served, guests could participate in a game show, share their fondest AmCham memories and give feedback on what and how the Chamber could do better and more. AmCham CEO Irisz Lippai-Nagy gave a brief summary of this year’s advocacy activities and achievements, major events and new projects to conclude that 2019 has already been an eventful year and there is a lot more to come this Fall.

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