AmCham recommendations were sent to the Ministry for National Economy on vocational training centers

  • June 23, 2017
Mrs. Gáborné Pölöskei, Deputy State Secretary for Vocational Training and Adult Education received AmCham’s recommendation on June 10, on lowering the minimum student headcount growth in vocational training centers.

Currently it is very difficult to find the 50 students and the necessary practical teachers and also it is a risky decision for the companies. According to AmCham’s position if the Ministry decides on lowering the headcount growth, more companies could join the dual vocational training program, the quality of the training could be improved and become even more practice oriented, the program would be more available for SME-s, the training centers could focus on professions where we have labor shortage and those companies who previously joined the program could benefit again from the development opportunities. AmCham also suggested the revision of the 5 year maintenance time, the reduction of administration and the increase of the amount of support per student.