AmCham publishes “Cooperation for a More Competitive Hungary 2019” recommendation package

  • March 12, 2019
The document was sent to Prime Minister Orbán and his cabinet.

The new 16-point package is a living document representing our commitment to take the economy to the next level. We would like to continue our structured dialogue with the membership, the business community, the academia and our government partners to make Hungary a more attractive destination to investors and to find potential competitive edges in the current economic race.

The new publication is divided into four chapters in line with our Policy Task Forces: General Business Climate (Investment), Competitive Workforce and Education (Competitive Workforce), Innovation and Research & Development (Innovation) and Digitalization (Digitalization).

Highlights of our recommendations include

  • broadening the labour supply
  • encourage electronic payments
  • more support for innovation
  • unification and simplification of digital government services and platforms
  • calling for increased government spending in areas critical to a more competitive Hungary
  • supporting key competencies and skills in education
  • strengthening the cooperation framework between the business and education sectors
  • expansion of career orientation activities
  • more effective foreign language teaching
  • gaining international competitive advantage through revolutionary digital projects

The recommendation package has been sent directly to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, other members of the Government, more than 40 Ministry representatives and other stakeholders.

As part of our advocacy flow, the publication of the recommendation package will be followed by a structured dialogue where our proposals are discussed at our regular working group meetings with the representatives of government partners at minister and state secretary levels, business forums and flagship events (e.g. Business Meets Government Summit, Competitive Education Conference, Digitalization Conference).

Since we introduced the first recommendation package in 2016, we have made considerable progress in many areas as a result of continuous high level discussions throughout the calendar year (learn more about our achievements on pages 12-13 of the Annual Report 2018) and we strive to achieve more in 2019.

AmCham would like to express its appreciation to all members and partners who have shared their expertise and provided invaluable input during the making of this document. Thanks to your commitment, the Chamber is a powerful network offering real solutions to real problems. We are devoted to becoming an even more effective representative of the business community and an indispensable partner in the joint mission to improve our country's competitiveness

To download the English version of the Cooperation for a More Competitive Hungary 2019 - Executive Summary please, click here

To download the Hungarian version of the Cooperation for a More Competitive Hungary 2019 - Executive Summary please, click here

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