AmCham Position on the New Civil Procedure Code was submitted to Ministry

  • July 04, 2016
Within the framework of the strategic partnership agreement, Ministry of Justice requested AmCham’s feedback on the draft bill on the New Civil Procedure Code (the “New CPC”) in early June.

The Regulatory Committee has prepared its recommendations that were sent to the Ministry on June 28th.

AmCham has been participating in the legislative reform process preparing the New CPC since early 2015. The Regulatory Committee had participated in the social debate and had commented the concept of the New CPC in April 2015, then held discussions with Zsuzsa Wopera  Ministerial Commissioner Responsible for the New Civil Procedural Law Codification in June 2015. Based on discussions, committee members worked out their proposals with regards to two specific areas: class action and the direction in substance of the course of proceedings, which was submitted to the Ministry of Justice in October 2015.