AmCham Innovation Policy Task Force Co-Lead Joerg Bauer (President of GE Hungary) presented at the „MAGEOSZ Day at Budapest University of Technology and Economics” on increasing the efficiency of business-academia cooperation

  • November 30, 2017
AmCham perceives the R&D&I based university-industry cooperation as a competitiveness issue, therefore the Innovation PTF launched the Business Meets Universities (BMU) Project in January 2017 to initiate a dialogue that creates a mutually beneficial advantage, and to facilitate cooperation with measurable benefits for both the academic and the business spheres.

Mr. Bauer gave an overview of the BMU Project and shared GE Hungary’s examples of the successful university cooperation projects. Mr. Bauer also shared the AmCham recommendations collected during the BMU workshop including the importance of establishing a supportive ecosystem for R&D&I.

He pointed out that for the successful ’Invented in Hungary’ paradigm shift we need universities that excel both in academic activities and in research.