AmCham Hungary will join the 5G Coalition on 19th of June

  • June 08, 2017
AmCham President Dr. Farkas Bársony has been invited to the 5G Coalition to be established together by more than 40 stakeholders from the government, the academia, the ICT sector, the car industry and more sectors covered by the Irinyi Plan.

The goals of the 5G Coalition are to make Hungary one of the centers of 5G development in Europe by 2018, to take a leading role in the region in testing applications based on 5G and to become one of the first countries to introduce 5G. The Coalition will creat a professional platform for the stakeholders and it will contribute to the elaboration and implementation of the Hungarian 5G strategy and testing environment.

On 8th of June, representatives of AmCham participated in the preparatory meeting held at the Ministry of Human Capacities, where Mr. Tamás Deutsch Prime Ministerial Commissioner for the Digital Welfare Program, Mr. Vilmos Both and Ákos Mácz experts of the Digital Welfare Program described the goals of the 5G Coalition and its planned activities in the future.

AmCham President Dr. Farkas Bársony will sign the founding document of the 5G Coalition on 19th of June.