AmCham gives input on members’ practical experiences in international data transfer

  • March 17, 2016
In early March, AmCham has sent input to the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information („NAIH”) on member companies’ practical experiences in transatlantic data transfer in order to support NAIH’s work, while there are great efforts made within the EU and the US to create a new, solid legislative basis for transatlantic data transfer, as soon as possible.

In the AmCham position, the Chamber stressed the need for a timely solution and the importance of rapid implementation of the new scheme.

Last October, the European Court of Justice declared the Safe Harbour Decision invalid, therefore companies with transatlantic data transfer can no longer rely on this scheme until the new legislative framework called EU-US Privacy Shield which is currently being developed, is not finalized. Until the new framework is not implemented, companies should rely on other legal instruments, involving model contracts and specific policies, more about which members could learn at an AmCham morning seminar on March 2, organized together with Dentons’ Budapest Office. At the event NAIH was represented by Vice President Endre Győző Szabó. AmCham’s Regulatory Committee closely follows updates in this area and AmCham is dedicated to continue close cooperation with NAIH to represent members’ interests.