AmCham advocacy success regarding the procedure for the licensing of third-country employees

  • November 27, 2017
Recognizing our member companies’ problems in finding the required labour supply in Hungary, AmCham has been advocating for the further facilitation of the employment of non-EU (third country) residents.

AmCham sent its position to the Ministry for National Economy in October and recommended that the employment licensing procedure of third-country employees needs to be simplified and speeded up. A simplified licensing procedure is applied when less than 5% of employees are from a third-country. AmCham sent several suggestions to the current licensing procedure, including the elevation of the aforementioned threshold to 10%. On 21th of November, the Ministry for National Economy sent its feedback to AmCham, which confirmed that a Government decree  (345/2017) has been published, changing the threshold to 10%. AmCham welcomes this policy success and will continue its advocacy work in order to make lincencing procedure more favourable for companies.