Almost 1800 AmCham employees joined the 10.000 Steps Challenge in May 2018

  • June 05, 2018
The American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary in collaboration with Virgin Pulse, the world’s biggest and most successful health initiative, launched the 10,000 steps challenge campaign and invited AmCham Members to join a program for a healthier workforce starting on May 23. We are glad to announce that more than 250 teams signed up from our Membership to make a difference in their lives!

The Global Challenge or the 10,000 steps challenge is a 100-day employee health awareness campaign and a global competition between teams of 7 employees, with the central theme of walking more each day, setting 10,000 steps as the daily goal. However, it is not only a walking challenge, it encourages all forms of exercise and activities, while helping with tips on healthier nutrition, sleep, and psychological wellbeing for a holistic, well-rounded approach.

AmCham believes that a healthy, motivated workforce ultimately leads to company success and a boost in economic efficiency, therefore we are planning to motivate and engage our Members to join the next September Challenge as well!