The Electronic Manufacturers' Committee ceased operations as of March 17, 2021.

Our mission is to raise awareness and highlight the weight and role of the electronic manufacturing sector in the Hungarian economy, and to find areas of common interest for electronic manufacturing companies and joining forces in these areas

The Committee members have been actively engaged in AmCham’s advocacy efforts and have represented the priorities of the sector at several high-level and expert level meetings. The Committee stands up for the better recognition of the electronic industry at all meetings, conferences organized by AmCham with the participation of Government representatives.


The Committee has two main objectives:

  •  Continue sharing best practices among members;
  •  Continue dialogue with decision makers, with a special focus on competitiveness and education in order to represent the interests of the sector.


The Committee committed to performing education-related activities as well. Thanks to the active support and work of the Committee’s working group, the “Electronic Manufacturing” textbook was revised, completed and shared with schools and universities recently.  It was a part of the committee’s efforts to help education and vocational training with up-to-date and practical information.

Electronic Manufacturers' Committee Chair:

  • Dr. László Ábrahám, General Manager, Sensirion Hungary

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