10.000 steps

Motivate and engage your employees for a healthier lifestyle! 

Now you can join Virgin Pulse Global Challenge, the world’s biggest and most successful health initiative with a significant AmCham members-only discount!

The Global Challenge is Virgin Pulse’s 100-days long health and wellbeing program that equips your employees with the knowledge, tools and support they need to build healthy habits that last. Through an immersive and engaging experience - where employees compete in teams of 7 - the Global Challenge addresses key elements of employee wellbeing including physical activity, nutrition, sleep and mental wellbeing. It is designed for all employees, regardless of geography, age, job profile or level of health. Next starting date is October 13, 2019!

See some of the feedbacks and details of the program below!

Summary of the program

It is a 100-day employee health awareness campaign and a global competition, with the central theme of moving more each day, setting 10,000 steps as the daily goal. However, it is not only a walking challenge, it encourages all forms of exercise and activities: almost 70 different activities can be converted into steps! Besides the measurement of physical activities, the program has modules on healthier nutrition, sleeping habits, and psychological wellbeing.

How does it work?

  • Employees sign up to the Global Challenge in teams of 7.
  • Each participant gets a tracker device (Max Buzz) and access to Virgin Pulse’s award-winning website, the program’s smart phone application and all its features. You can also use your own device, the Global Challenge app syncs with a wide range of wearable technology.
  • Before starting out on their journey, employees discover a new awareness of their health with the Global Challenge’s tailored online health assessment.
  • The Challenge starts on October 13 and lasts for 100 days, participants track and log their activities while constantly opening new modules such as: Nutrition, Balance, Sleep and Focus. 
  • Besides having personal and organizational goals towards a healthier lifestyle, the teams participate in a global competition with their steps and in an AmCham Mini League as well.
  • Measuring outcomes: pre and post-event reporting helps you understand the impact your employees’ individual health gains are making to overall business’s performance.

Special discount for AmCham Members:

As a member of AmCham Hungary we are pleased to provide you with a special reduced price of EUR 61,- instead of EUR 77,- per participant. 

If you are interested, register before October 2 , 2019!

For more information or interest in participation please contact:

Rebeka Gáti, Policy Officer (AmCham); E-mail: rebeka.gati@amcham.hu Phone: +36 30 535 20 90 or +36 1 428-2083  or Pieter Laban, Regional Sales Manager (Virgin Pulse); E-mail: pieter.laban@virginpulse.com Phone: + 41 79 953 99 15